We are cursed! Lawro predicts….

2-1 WHU! God help us!!

Yes we are West Ham and the curse had begun, I think we will win, most other supporters think we will win and even Lawro thinks we will win so a loss is on the cards then…. I’m gonna predict a 1-0 win for us.





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6 thoughts on “We are cursed! Lawro predicts….

  1. Adrian and the back 4 have been immense in the last 3 games. Clean sheet for us again, 2-0 win with goals from Downing and Borriello.

  2. Well done Steve & Paul, hope you had some dough on it.
    Gotta say though TBI, you need to drop the hatred against the cunt named cunt, the whole country knows he’s a cunt, if the cunt knew half as much as what he thought he knew, his name would be that cunt from William Hills.
    He’s a fucking nobody from a bygone era whose knowledge of the game today is pronounced by the fact that he is constantly usurped by people hand picked to make him look good.

    It’d be good if you could reserve the bille for the filthy scabs of Bermondsey or whichever gutter they reside in nowadays, dirty black hearted cunts they are.

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