Aston Villa 0v2 West Ham United

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3 thoughts on “Aston Villa 0v2 West Ham United

  1. Take that as a well fought 3 points away from home, well done all.
    Doesn’t detract from the manager being a worthless piece of shit whos only business at the Boleyn should be as the away manager. Sort of worrying that it’s as possible as it is likely that we could finish up tenth again? Fattie gets another contract as his reward, the clowns upstairs would certainly claim credit for “their man” despite the real world fact that will be 6 – 9 points will be the difference between mid table and the three to go down.
    As said, great result and not a bad performance at all, I’m pleased for the fans, but, cold light of day, Allardyce has to go, his football is shit and even results like this cannot make up for the fact that we are not worth anywhere near the dough it costs to watch a game nowadays.
    84-85 I did 41 league and cup games, the old woman did 42, south bank £4 each and I think The train to Liverpool was the dearest of the season (£13 I think) – me and her, liverpool at anfield for less than a pony including a 6 pack on the train and entrance. That represented 1/6 of my pay packet, today would’ve been £39 to get in and coach travel, through the club was another £29 X that by two = £134, I’d need to be earning a bag a week to be compared to then, now I’d have to save for a month to go. Point is, we got done 6-0 that day, but we had a great laugh with not to much expense and we still played decent footy, this pikey cunt serves shit pie as standard fare and charges top dollar for it.
    Get him gone, Hippo Headed prick, best of all send the cunt to Bermondsey, the scabs deserve him.

  2. Agree with all you say Supernus. I never have, or ever will warm to BFS. I hate his way of football, his arrogance, & indeed we might end up in May half way up the league without really looing & playing like a mid table team. But, it’s every August the same, settle for mid-table finish.

  3. The negative comments towards SA lately were inevitible given his style of play, but let’s not forget why he was hired in the first place.

    Since Harry left we had season after season of trying (and usually failing) to play fancy football according to the ‘West Ham Way’, each new manager coming in full of promise but always leaving us because his attempts to get us playing right always led to relegation or close to it. Zola probably came the closest but even he left because of struggles with relegation.

    I love seeing us playing flair football as much as the next West Ham fan but the brutal truth of the matter is that every attempt to do this over the last decade or so has left us with a team which lacks the mettle and physical prowess to command games, hold onto leads and defend well. Consequently we were too easy to beat because other teams sussed out how to do it, season in season out. This is exactly the sort of team which the Premier League chews up and spits out. The ideal is to have hard, tough tackling defenders and defensive midfielders coupled with quick, skillfull wingers and forwards. We simply don’t have the financial clout to buy such a team that will compete in the top half of the table, nevermind the ability to attract a manager to make them all workwell together.

    With all this in mind our owners had the objective of toughening up our team to equip us for a relegation fight, thus increasing our chances of staying in the EPL whilst they deal with reducing our crippling debt. Like him or loath him, Allardyce is the man for this job.

    He comes with only two promises. High work rate from the players and results. He will not be sacked until either one, or both, of these stop happening. This is why he said (when he first arrived) that West Ham football is winning football. The rest of the league will hate us for playing this way because we are no longer easy to turn over. Those guaranteed six points are no longer guaranteed, as we are no making them fight for them.

    Do I prefer his style of football to the real ‘West Ham Way’? No, of course not. But let’s all agree that it is satifying to see our players work together as a unit and force the opposition to pass the ball across the center circle, only for us to punish them with a counter attack or a set piece. It’s worked against us so often in the past we deserve it and unfortunately that is the way the Premier League is now, especially for the teams outside of the top six, or so.

    So in the interests of getting results and surviving in the Premier League, let’s stop slagging him off and get behind the manager. Right now the only thing worse than having SA as manager is the alternative…

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