Let’s hope the Italian is a goal machine

Yet again our inability sign a decent striker has once again come back to bite us on the arse.

February is the most important month of the season and we HAVE to win at least 2 of our remaining 3 games!!!

Regardless of the FA injustice Andy could of just as well broken down with an injury and then what?

We now go into the 3 most important games of the season with Carlton Cole and an unknown Borriello as our main strikers. We had better hope Nolan continues his form or we will have a scoring problem once more!

The FA are a fucking disgrace! Basically the green light is brightly lit for every wanker to hit the deck and cry like a little bitch knowing that the FA will let cheating slide especially if darling bud Webb is in charge!




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15 thoughts on “Let’s hope the Italian is a goal machine

  1. Why are the English fans so ignorant of foreign players? they only seem to know them, when they come to England. Borriello has scored for all the top Italian teams he has played for. He has to be given 2/3 games and he will score goals, spectacular goals for us.

  2. I have the feeling Borriello will set the stadium on fire, but the crowd needs to make him feel they are behind him. He is very sensitive and morale is key for him to perform.

    As for the FA decision, it could have been solved in a salomonic way. Keep the card, but reduce the sanction to one match, and sanction Flores for a match as well. But yet again you are dealing with very conservative establishment, and with a despicable fellow who thinks he is infallible (Webb). And since he is infallible, the others are to blame. Easy way to solve it, say it stands as is. In which case I ask myself, why have this appeal “tribunal”, which is a complete con, just to preserve appearances of justice with extreme hypocrisy ?

  3. Your not gonna see more clear case of injustice or an example of an official getting it wrong than this!! West ham fans thought it was harsh the Swansea manager thought it was harsh the fucking Swansea fans even thought it was harsh so the ones on the planet who it was a red card was that cheating cunt Flores and chief inspector cock sucker Webb its an absolute outrage that this is allowed to happen and shows how bent the FA is, still on a plus note now we can see what Berriello is made of and i agree we should get behind him and hopefully he’ll be a little goal machine

  4. I jsut read that the Italian Federation Judge has just fined Dries Mertens with 200 Euros for simulating a foul inside the penalty box area of the opposition. Now that is an example coming from a country often seen as full of buffoons and clowns. Take that you idiotic and accomodated hypocrites at the English Federation !!!

    • Went too fast…. It’s 2000 Euros. Still silly in comparaison to the player’s salary, but a question of principle I applaud.

  5. Obviously disappointed about Carroll and te decision was harsh at best, but yet again a player has given a decision for the referee to make. When will these guys learn that British refs are poor so don’t give them the opportunity to make decisions that are over their heads. I agree that a one match ban would have solved the problem and a ban for Chico too, but again the fa show they don’t want to save our game, they only wish to save their own jobs.

  6. the FA are as corrupt as the met police think there untouchable.In English football we have had some great players come from all over the globe to play for diff teams in the old 1st division to now in the prem the majority that are now in the prem league are average at most just look at Cheato Florest a disgrace to Swansea & football I would like the hard men of the 60s 70s & 80s to play today as they played hard but fair just a shame Julian Dicks wasnt on the park Saturday as the cheat Flores would of needed a florist.The FA keep on about fair play well they can stick that up there fucking arses

  7. SHAME- on the FA for now basically condoning cheating!! It was clear as day Flores simulated by everyone across the landsaw it exactly the same way
    SHAME- on “Cheato Flores” great example to set to the academy kids and young wanbbe footballers who look to PL players for an example
    SHAME- on Swansea for sacking Michael Laudrup, a gentleman and despite recent results is a decent manager he didnt deserve the sack. BFS count yourself very lucky

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