Will this 25 Man squad keep us up?

So here it is. After knowing who has gone and who has arrived I ask you for one final time where will we finish?

– Will Carroll stay fit?

– Will he go till the end of the season without an injury?

– Will Borriello ever get a game?

– Will SA be our manager by the end of the season?

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2 thoughts on “Will this 25 Man squad keep us up?

  1. I think Carroll will be enough to keep us afloat. If his performance against Swansea was anything to go by then we should have enough, saying that Swansea were very poor. The Italians will play only a handful of games, bfs is very big on not gambling but playing players he knows and trusts ala Carlton, o brien, Nolan etc. on whether he will see the season out, without doubt he will and next season I think too. Shamefully our board don’t seem to be looking any further than this next season and staying afloat in this division. I hope I’m wrong because I see no future for us as a club with bfs. I think we will survive, maybe 12/13 place and our board will be happy with that mediocritity.

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