Lawro predicts….

2-1 WHU!!

We have to win! In fact to get out of this mess we have to win all of our home games and lets be honest they are all winnable and we should win them. Not a penny was spent this January and to have the attitude that we are going to try and survive on the cheap is certainly playing with fire.

Apparently Gradel was coming but we changed the terms of the conditions so he told us to fuck off, that left us with no one. You know what will happen we will end up getting a striker on a Bosman. When you look at Fulham they are a sinking ship but are at least showing intent! They have spent money to survive.

Andy Carroll is a shadow of his past, Borriello isn’t fit and according to my Italian friend is shit (hence why Roma wanted rid and is always sent out on loan) so that leaves Carlton Cole to keep us up!

Call me old fashioned but maybe that money is being saved to pay Allardyce off if we fuck up in Feb.


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