Appeal must be in the post

Only time I have seen cheating on a level with that was Rivaldo in the WC.

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15 thoughts on “Appeal must be in the post

  1. It was an absolute disgrace! He had his arm around Carroll’s neck for a start and his elbow glances across the wankers head and goes down like he’s been headbutted, also there’s no intent from Carroll he’s clearly gettin his balance Flores is the one who should serve a ban, Laudrup should tell him Oscar nominations are all ready in

  2. Look at Carroll’s arm and the way it swings and touches Chico Flores’ hairdo. If the arm had hit the Swansea player in the face, nobody would have protested.

    Carroll reacted aggressively to Swansea player hanging in his back. This is what caused the red card.

    The Swansea player made the most of it, but it doesn’t change the fact that Carroll lost his temper.

  3. That chico is just that, very chiquito, by class and by personnality. If he had an ounce of human and professional dignity, he would come up and say he actually never was hit… But he is too lame for that.

    Also Webb’s fault. Inconsistent, capricious, and in need of stardom. Never pulled the card for several fouls equal or worse than the one Noble got a yellow for. Yet pulls a direct Red on Carroll (and frankly, I am convinced the ref was waiting for something like that, he had Carroll on his “to do” list). Any intelligent ref would have thought a second, taken a deep breath, and probably yellowed both Flores and Carroll. and the match could’ve gone on. But no, he had to remind everyone he was on the pitch, and was there for a reason (honestly, this wasn’t a violent match at all).

    Compare that to his pathetic exhibition at the last world cup final, where any other ref would have sent off at least three dutchmen for brutal aggressions on the Spanish players, and he did not.

    And then, he is knighted.

    I don’t understand the admiration the Brits have for such a sleazy individual…

  4. This whole Webb situation has baffled me for ages, I am yet to see him have a decent match in the middle, yet he is paraded around like some kind of superhuman. It is all about image….I believe he’s a copper (might be wrong on that), and the premiership have jumped on his figure of authority, despite his low standard of ability. This whole incident sums up his lack of ability, the cheat Flores should of been at least booked for the initial challenge on Carroll, and there’s no way the pathetic dinosaurs at the FA will rescind the decision, as it might upset there golden boy.

  5. for the next game vs Swansea book a red and smack this guy in the face. He needs to know how painful it is. It seems to hurt him when his pony tail is disturbed. What a cheat!

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