Methinks after last nights performance, we have a new contender…..



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7 thoughts on “Hoty?

  1. Absolutely in the race. Has everything to impress. Pride, passion, commitment, and pure quality. Can’t rewrite history, but we probably would have had more points now if he had been in the sticks since the start of season.

  2. Agree, has spend most of his time playing for us picking the ball out of the net, though not by his mistakes have we leaked so many goals. Last night he proved what a great goalie he is

  3. He’s been brilliant, and to echo what has already been said, one of the few positives to come out of the ‘Allardyce Era’. The only other player I can think of who deserves HOTY is Nolan…..(Calm down it was a joke!). I think Reid has had some top draw performances. What does it say when the best two players have played less than half of our games!

  4. Crackers that it is, two of our dumbest managers ever have aquired two top notch ‘keepers, it’s bewildering how fatty has kept this guy on the bench for so long.

  5. I think Adrián’s form signals the end for Jussi but let’s not forget how good he has been for us over the past season and a half. He has truly been an excellent buy, yes this season he made an error or two but for a keeper of his age, thinking he had no future after Bolton, he has been magnificent. He was the perfect replacement for Rob Green. Thanks Jussi!

    Anyway, Adrián is the future of this club! COYI

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