A few points about yesterday

Adrian: Signing of the season and when I say season I include the whole of the Premier league, tell me a better free signing then him this season?

Carroll: Still think he will turn out to be one of the worst deals we have ever made, signed a deal injured and remained injured for 6 months and looks far from match fit and sharpness. We will be lucky VERY lucky to even get 5 goals out of him!

Nolan: Well we hoped that he would come back a changed man after spending Xmas on holiday, he didn’t…We hoped he would get Carroll firing he hasn’t….we hoped we hoped now just get rid! Rumour is that he wants out now so we can only hope…

Defence: It’s back. It’s been a while but the organization seems to be there with Adrian now falling into that as well. But we still have that scoring issue to sort out….

Taylor: Should tell Johnson to fuck off back to Wolves and replace him with Taylor.

Allardyce: Terrible tactics to tell your team to sit behind the ball for 95mins , ok it worked just but still wasn’t the right way to do it. But again why bring on Carlton when you have a new signing on the bench up for it? It’s almost like he does it on purpose to show the players and fans he’s the boss!

Our position: I think it’s obvious we really are in the shit when you look at the table and see Sunderland and Palace above us with a gap! I thought they were dead and buried but both changed managers and are now looking like survivors. That tells me we are in trouble, we have to start winning and also stringing a few of them together.

February: The most important month of the season.

Swansea home MUST WIN!

Villa away at least a draw!

Norwich home MUST WIN!

Southampton home MUST WIN!

Johnson: Lots of people moaning that Maiga is stopping Gradel arriving but if you look at it the problem is Johnson. He is totally out of his depth and was brought in to cover injuries. Those players are back and he wont ever play again so actually it’s him stopping Gradel coming not Maiga!!!!

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3 thoughts on “A few points about yesterday

  1. Taylor is amazing – 80% terrible, 20% brilliant. Has 3 or 4 poor games & then plays a blinder.
    I think he is/should be a great squad player/sub. But not as 1st choice starter. Johnson really is terrible, no way is he Taylors replacement

  2. Allardyce is at again 2 hungry italians out to prove they’re good enough to go to the World Cup and he leaves em on the bench!!! Chelsea fans have a very short memory they spent all night on Twitter moaning how we parked the bus but was’nt that how they won the champions league? Nolan can fuck off he’s hopeless and as for Carroll he may need a few games for sharpness but i gotta agree 5 goalsat most for him

  3. I thought Carroll was outstanding. He held the ball up, brought others into the game, chased and harried their defenders and even got back to do some defending of his own. The game changed markedly when Cole came on to replace him as Cole couldn’t hold the ball or put pressure on their defence, hence it became very much one way traffic. We’d never have survived that if Cole or Maiga had played the full 90 minutes.

    I’ve feared the worst in terms of our chances, but if Carroll stays fit I think we’ll be fine.

    Taylor has turned me around. In an ideal world you wouldn’t want him in the first team, but in the past few weeks he’s put in a massive shift when (aside from last night) many of the rest of the team have gone missing.

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