Ruddock leaves

Pelly Ruddock has signed for Luton Town for an undisclosed fee.
Guess he was never going to make it with us……Good luck Pelly.



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9 thoughts on “Ruddock leaves

  1. Well he played one game we won away to burnley so it was odds on he was too lucky for us and not as good as roger fuckin Johnson good luck pelly

  2. Can you really believe Leo Chambers is any worse than Johnson.. If so why is he still at our club, because he would have to be pretty rubbish. The fat wanker in charge has totally rubbished our youth policy…. Is he right…. or the last five years of the academy. For me, he doesn’t give a shit about our club, and has been looking for a way out for the last couple of months, so he gets his 4 mill.
    I have supported this club for more than FIFTY years, and through all the managers we have had, I have never really hated any of them, until now, and it saddens me say i now want us to go down, so the disgusting Dinosaur in charge can rob us of no more money.

    • I put BFS right up there with Avram. At least Grant made it very clear, he doesn’t give a toss about whufc, BFS PRETENDS he does. He’s taken us as far as he can (getting ius promoted as quick as he did it, was a minor miracle) but the rest, KEEPING us in the prem. tactics ‘plan B’ etc he is clueless

  3. I completely agree. Alladyce has destroyed years of development and deprived our club of seeing the kids come through covering the opportunities with Johnson and other over the hill loanees or one year contractors. I personally have had enough, but it was on the cards when we appointed him…..his record at Bolton should have been enough…

  4. And now to make matters worse our reputation has now been rubbished in Spain with osasuna not happen about the raoul Paul deal. It’s time the board sorted this mess out and cleaned up our club starting with bfs or go themselves!!!

  5. The Raoul Loe case is not even worth mentioning. Clubs back out of deals just like players do. It’s a fact of modern football and sport in general. If another transaction happens in Spain in the future, it will happen, regardless of whatever the details of this Loe operation were.

  6. The buck has to stop somewhere, if a boardroom gives autonomy to its sub-ordinates then sure, they share the blame, if they continue to back them in the face of adversity, they are to blame. Things will not get better till the people at the top go and are replaced with someone who gives a fuck.

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