Raoul Loe?

Apparently, a €2.2million was agreed last week with Osasuna to sign Raoul Loe, even resulting in Loe jumping on a plane & heading over to London for a medical,  but since we’ve signed Nocerino the deal hasn’t gone ahead leaving Osasuna fuming…..

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10 thoughts on “Raoul Loe?

  1. Well its obvious Nocerino is the cheaper option. That’s all our owners are interested in. Cheap to hopefully get us by and appease the fans. But remember what happened to Birmingham.

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  2. Typical of the way the club seems to be run at the moment. Surly a brought player will serve us better than a couple than may or may not be past there less by.

  3. One way or another, I don’t see Loe as being a serious reinforcement. He came from the minor leagues in Spain to end in a very struggling club. Haven’t really seen him playing, but I have seen Nocerino and the choice, if it was one or theother, seems obvoius to me. Now, if Diame leaves, maybe Loe would be a good replacement.

    • Have to agree given the choice, ive Nocerino and he’s very good just has’nt had run in the team recently which led to a dip in form but if he gets a run him Rav and Carroll could be good together, Boriello i dunno to much about but he’s a striker which is what we need cis Maiga ain’t up to it weather he is remains to be seen but it cant be any worse. The italians basically have a decent background where as this bloke is at face value not much of an improvement and in our situation can’t blow money on a player who may be very good or maybe cak

    • I think if Diamé leaves, we already own his perfect replacement. Diarra is a good player and if he gets game time, his attitude and mindset will change. Play the lad alongside Noble holding! I honestly believe that Noble and Diarra holding in front of a fit Reid and Collins would be very solid and would not leak too many goals. Diarra has the quality and in all honesty, I know he’s complained a lot, but who can blame him, I feel for the lad. He was brought in and hasn’t started a single premier league game in a season and a half since arriving at the club. Allardyce has given playing time and starts to Collison, Taylor and Vaz Tê in the midfield, give Diarra a chance to show his quality! Start him!

      Any thoughts guys? COYI

    • I really really hope your right! I believe they’ll be great in all honesty they could be what we need. Also i was”nt happy with Diarra’s comments but i do agree with the oreavious comnents, give him him a start

  4. Diarra is class and I agree totally. From playing in the French midfield to not getting in our side, something is wrong there. He needs to play games and as a holding midfield player he could have been what we were missing. Love diame but diarra is our insurance policy in the middle., he needs to play games!!

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