Marco Boriello?


Apparently, loan deal until the end of the season…..

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7 thoughts on “Marco Boriello?

  1. Can we just save a load of time here and list the names of the two or three shit strikers we are NOT apparently signing and be done with it. Nobody worth having will come to West Ham while we are in bottom three, we are going to have to hope there are three worse teams than us come the end of the season.

  2. If this does come off then he’ll proberbly bench warm or not be fit and barely make an appearence and then in a few months slag us off in the press for not getting enough game time and he’ll proberbly be crap, hope im wrong though

  3. He isn’t anyone special unfortunately. Last season he had a decent season at Genoa or wherever he was nut has only one goal and been limited from first team as of late with the return of Mattia Destroy and some injuries. I like him though as he has the desire to win and has a bit of a spring. If Sam wants to play two strikers then he maybe a decent signing. (I follow Roma and a bit of Series A)

    • Well you never know he might be bfs
      Plan B in matches…..! Proberly not
      He’ll bound to be playing him out of
      Position haha..

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