Andy Lapthorne……

Been a lot of criticism in recent weeks (unjustified in my opinion) about this site beig too negative.
Well it’s actually very difficult  to find too many ‘good news’ stories out there – but here’s one…..

Congratulations Andy Lapthorne (West Ham fan) on winning his THIRD Australian Open Quad doubles


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6 thoughts on “Andy Lapthorne……

  1. That would be because the site is mega negative. Admittedly there aint alot to be happy about right now but you would be slagging it if we were sat pretty in 10th place.

    In better news that beldfodil is set to choose QPR over us.

  2. In my opinion sites only negative cos theres nothing to be positive about at present, last season i remember quite a few positive posts. Congratulations to Andy COYI!

  3. The problem with being positive about West Ham this season is that it just sounds sarcastic, look:

    West Ham played really well in their latest defeat.

    Andy Carroll’s haircut is fantastic!

    Kevin Nolan is a superb captain.

    Sam Allardyce is a master tactician and gets the best out of the players.

    Being serious though, well done Andy, a great achievement!

  4. It never has been the ambition of this site to appear or be negative – for the sake of it, but the last 12 or so months it has been extremely difficult to be anything else than the reporters of doom & gloom in all things whufc related. Keep the faith 🙂

  5. The best thing about this site is that it allows its users to express themselves honestly.
    If anyone thinks anything positive about this season, they are cunts.

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