“Double my money or I’m off” – Mohamed Diamé

…Is apparently what Mohamed Diamé has told West Ham United.
That will put him up with the highest paid players at the club.

His contract, which doesn’t run out until the summer of 2015, does however contain a £3.5million buy out clause, which some clubs will no doubt consider a bargain…….


Diamé hailing a cab out of the Boleyn?


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12 thoughts on ““Double my money or I’m off” – Mohamed Diamé

  1. He’s not interested, probly got sell on clause if we go down anyhow. Allardyce says its hard to get players in in Jan window, then says Morrison is likely to leave this month. How come its easy for us to sell, but not buy?. Also if he sells to one of our rivals, it proves what a lot of twats we are being run by.

  2. Diame a joke anyway, not the same since the Arse were interested last year. The two David’s and BFS taking the fans for mugs, especially the so called hard core singing bubbles at the match tonight. They link us with all and sundry and no one arrives. It’s the 21st Jan for fucks sake. Vote on your feet fans, Stay away, our club is rotten to the core. We need new owners who aren’t going to rip us off and a manager who doesn’t buy the Dads army cast..! Then we show our passion.

    • It was to the Diame comments. All this site posts is old news that the papers make up and you lot lap it up. We are probably one of the most talked about clubs at the minute so people will write anything. You shouldn’t believe it.

  3. You can see G & S either sacking Allarshit after the Swansea game or BFS resigning as window will be closed by then & were be stuck with this heap of shit til May what a joke of a club no passion as for the OS stick it up your arse jew boys

    • They have given the fat cunt their blessing till seasons end, so we’re going to have to accept it till then at least, it (relegation) didn’t bother them at Brum so given that we are a far more attractive business proposition than BCFC would ever have been, why would they change tactics now?
      They are a pair of despicable bastards, anyone who cared about us would never have brought Hippo Head in, one catastrophe after another, and it’s all down to them.

  4. “How as it come to this?”. Last season….OK wasn’t great football, but after finishing tenth, we should of pushed on, a couple of decent signings were all we really needed, but now we have players like Diarra telling us he’s wasted his time here(well fec of then)….What’s he done while here, last night against City he may as well not be on the pitch, he never defended the defence, never created anything….. We have Diame, running up dead ends losing the ball all night, demanding we double his salary(well fec off then), and then there’s Ravel Morrison, who IMO was by far our best player against City, (Oh yea he wants a move), so he put himself about last night. But never mind Roger Johnson wont want to leave. “HOW HAS IT COME TO THIS,” Oh yea we are run by a bunch of useless twats, who even most of our players hate, apart from Sam’s bum chums of course.

  5. Diame can fuck off!! im getting sick of players coming out and moaning about “i want more money or im off”, “i want more games or im off” or “i was lied to i was told this etc…..” at this time the team should be exactly that,a team. They should be united and fighting in every game i dont see any Sunderland,Cardiff or Palace players comin out with this shit.No because they have a manager with a clue and a board not run by two greedy,sleazebag wankers.

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