We are clearly missing Nolan and Vaz Te

Nolan is having a mare or should I say was? We can only hope that his ban has finally given him the kick up the arse he needed. But that aside we all know him and Carroll get the best out of each other and I’m hoping that we will finally see Nolan of old back and raring to go. If not then I think it’s time to offload him because if he doesn’t come back wanting to prove us wrong then he never will.

Vaz Te is also being missed. Jarvis is shit and it was daylight robbery paying that amount of money for such an average player, Downing is a naturally left sided player and Vaz Te is a natural right sider. When he can be arsed Vaz Te gets goals and causes problems, him and Downing are a lot more threatening then Downing and Jarvis.

Two twitter rumours:

Alberto Gilardino

Plays for Genoa and is rumoured to be in advance talks. Scored 9 goals so far this season, was quite a player in his younger days but at 31 he is getting on a bit now, Maybe has 5 goals in him if he signs.

Konstantinos Mitroglou

Quite a goal machine in Greece but their league is piss poor. He has scored 3 hat-tricks this season and generally scores around 20 goals a season. Would prefer him to Gilardino to be honest.


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8 thoughts on “We are clearly missing Nolan and Vaz Te

  1. Why the fuck do we have transfer Windows it’s full of shift we always end up with fuck all.we’re linked with everybody and end up with nobody.l think it’s all bullshlt and we had no intention of buying any one as we have no money!
    If we do find a few quid get Rhodes and get rid or Jarvis what a waste of money
    Who agrees

    • Read somewhere on Twitter that Allardyce wants to wait until the end of the window because players are cheaper.

      If we go down we stand to pose millions and players but he wants to wait until the end of the window to save a few quid!

    • I think its clear the owners were never going to spend the money on traore, even they are surely not stupid enough to go to the trouble of medicals, permit hearings etc without some kind of deal sorted, they must have some kind of deal themselves with the docs, and employment nerds, (2 for the price of 1, or buy 1 get 1 free), cus how many times now has this happened. Basically our owners lie to us, and think we are stupid, do we want idiots like the at the helm. As far as Jarvis is concerned…Just about sums up Allardyce in the transfer market, both total crap.

  2. Buying players in January, is not too dissimilar to handing out bailing buckets on the Titanic……..
    Gonna take more than a couple of astute signings in the next couple of weeks to get us out of this….

  3. On a brighter note Man City have just announced their squad for tomorrow night. 1. Negredo. That is all. Now we should only get beaten by 3.

  4. I agree Jarvis is total crap and Wolves must have been laughing thier bollocks off when we handed em 10mil for him but lets not get carried away Vaz aint that much better( he is better than Jarvis though) Vaz is a prolific fizzy pop player but in the prem he’s average at best but like i say even average is an improvement on Jarvis.Nolan has been a useless c##t this season nut Carroll does get the best out of him, id like to bring in Rhodes and Lambert to be the generations Hartson and Kitson!

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