I know what will keep us up

– 23 Million will keep us up

– Pay the 3 Million to Allardyce and tell him to fuck off and get Malky (even if we go down he is well equipped to get us up)

– Pay Blackburn 10 Million to land Rhodes (even if we don’t stay up he will be the best striker in the Championship by a country mile

– Pay Southampton 6 Million for Lambert. Him and Rhodes will become the modern day Hartson/Kitson

– Spend the last 4 Million on defenders, Loan fucking lots of them!!

We need to win 7 games to stay up!? Is he on drugs? We have only won 4 games and we are nearly 3/4 into the season and all of a sudden we are going to miraculously win 7 in the last quarter?

May as well quit now if it’s true he gets fuck all if we go down.

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15 thoughts on “I know what will keep us up

  1. Plus we should have some extra cash by fucking Nolan off to some poor club who want a past it over the hill scouser with a bad work attitude

  2. Deffo going down with the fat twat in charge!
    I would have liked to have seen Pepe Mel installed as our new manager but West Brom have just nabbed him!
    The two David’s have got to grow some and put BFS (and the rest of us!) out of our collective misery by getting rid of him asap

    • Ok we’ve had the worst injury list in
      The prem but when there all back
      I think the damage will already be done
      And it’ll be to late…I say 18th.

      • Many managers are sacked within two years. AVB didn’t even last one in Chelsea. And as for Tottnumb…..Pellegrini lasted one year in Madrid, Ron Jans lasted a couple of months at Standard Liege. There’s a long list of coaches/managers everywhere who last less than a year. Doesn’t mean they are all shit. Now as to whether Mel is shit or not, I do not know. What I do know is that they seem to miss him in Sevilla.

  3. Almost certainly Carroll, Reid, Ravel will leave (& is probably in their contracts) possibly also a few others (Nolan, Adrian?). Don’t be suprised to see contract extensions to Taylor, O’brien etc. Also I’m sure a few will be sold to ‘pay’ for relegation (Jarvis, Downing etc). What a nightmare scenario…

  4. Iv completely had enough of the fat W..ker in charge, and will take relegation if it means he walks with nothing, and I have not got to listen to his shit again ,then whoever comes in puts a number of the youngsters in the new squad A bonus would be our totally useless owners selling up, but that’s dream land. My luck there say hes the best man to ge us back up. Suicide time.

  5. Jesus took the Jews to the promised land the 2 in charge of West Ham cudnt take us on a piss up to Margate.4yrs in charge they said Champions League football ha ha ha that’s funny as I didn’t know 18th in prem league got you into Europe im sick & tired of the way the club being dismantled by these clowns plus Allarshit the team is 1 of the worst ive seen in 45yrs no spirit no backbone on fuck all can defo see fizzy pop next season then League 1 too many old dinosaurs who don’t give a fuck about the history just wage packet.plz all fuck off now

  6. Had a Walt Disney night last nite couldn’t bring myself to watch footie.piss poor pissed off but nothing changes.
    Win one lose eight never going to change we’re always linked with every man and his dog and end up with the dog.
    Stick your hands in your pockets and go get Rhodes so called chairmen.

  7. I agree with Lambert Rhodes and malky…..that would do us this season. Probably enough to stay up. If it stays as it is we might struggle. Reid will be back, but he cant do it on his own

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