Traore deal dead

Reporting on twitter that the deal is dead because he isn’t fit enough. Fuck sake he hadn’t played since October last year what did they expect!? While we have been poncing around with this prick about four available strikers have already signed for other clubs.

As it stands only Rhodes and Lambert are getters and both are going to cost $$$, the other scary rumour is Yakubu!!! Fuck sake we were linked to him years ago and he is well past his best now. Yet another window concentrating on one player that yet again falls through.

Year after year we have the same problem……


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17 thoughts on “Traore deal dead

  1. How much money has our pathetic owners wasted giving players medicals, and applying for work permits, only for other teams to come in after the hard work has been done, and pinch these players. Tonight its Everton snatched the latest one in Traore because we hung about before getting the deal done. I for one want them out as much as our corrupt useless manager. Don’t care how we do tomorrow, if we win and stay up we have to put up with more of this shit. im close to saying shove i,t don’t care anymore.

  2. Well what a fucking surrprise that is, we’ve gotta sort this and go all out now for a decent striker, there is still Lambert,Rhodes and what about Gyan.? Yakubu must be a joke

    • Apparently Traore can’t sign for them because it breaches the work permit we got but what’s to stop them re-applying? Anyway he isn’t fit so who gives a shit!? But you just know we will end up with some end of the road twat and another half season of struggling to score beckons…

  3. Whatever…. someone for f..k sake get hold of our owners, and tell em to stop F..K..G about, and get Rhodes, or someone similar in. The vast majority of our support would understand if they got him in, and it didn’t work, at least they tried, why the F..K cant they see that.

  4. Traore has signed for Everton which means he was fit! So we spent on medical and permit and the cunt signs for another club WTF!?

  5. we are being run by a team of total amateurs, why have we not done the deal, got the signature, subject to work permit. Same old thing I think, they didn’t want the player, didn’t want to spend the money.

  6. It’s not westham these guys don’t want to play for, it’s alladyce. Let’s face it, if I were a pro playing at a good level I certainly wouldn’t want to play football for a side that just lump the ball up to me. Get rid of him and I think you will find players now couldn’t give a toss about which club they go to but the boss they will work for. Mourinho could go to Scunthorpe and attract players!!

    • Wouldn’t we all! Been saying it for a while it we stick with him we are 100% going down but with someone else we have a fighting chance imo. But the owners have left it too late now, can’t sack a manager halfway through the window.

      Doesn’t give the New manager a chance, owners just as bad as the manager. TOTAL FUCK UP!

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