Do we sign an unfit Traore?

That’s right it could be another Welly. Apparently the permit was agreed but his fitness levels are shite because he hasn’t played since last October!

We signed Welly and he spent the whole of the 6 months getting fit with the U21’s, cost us a small fortune but thats nothing compared to how much the Traore deal will cost, especially if he doesn’t play a game for us!

We need players that can hit the ground running, we need goals and lots of them! I would say get Lambert add to that Carroll, Vaz Te and Carlton we should be good to go (famous last words)

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20 thoughts on “Do we sign an unfit Traore?

  1. Yes! If he gets the game time he will be great but we all know big Sam as you mentioned Welly is just one of a whole list of players Sam got that weren’t fit and that was his reason for not playing them. Of course! Sams great mind working……

  2. Personally if he isn’t fit.. He isn’t worth it..
    That’s money we could spend on a player with a lower wage and the same capability…
    The guy isn’t even proven in the premier league…
    Why not sign Kenwyne jones?
    We have missed out on shane long and jelavic…
    What about someone who we know can score in the prem.. To be honest Fulham did the right thing in recruiting Darren bent… Yet he hasn’t hit form because he hasn’t had the service.. With our midfield, the lad would get the service..
    We need a proven scorer.. To save us from relegation… It’s fucking simple!!

  3. Traore’s goals scored in Russian league aint that great all tap ins plus the height no headed goals on you tube of him wouldn’t it be great to go back in time & have Cottee & Macca up front again there take the piss out of defences oh wishful thinking. back in the real world still want Allarshit out of our club

  4. Proof yet again that Allardyce hasn’t a fucking clue.. Needs to go asap before he wastes more cash… More crooked than Harry something just doesn’t add up? Must be on the take for signing the biggest load of shite I’ve ever seen the whole squad is pony!!

  5. Is this not a waste of the clubs limited funds? We’re not in a position (financially and league) to take a gamble on on an unfit and unproven striker, yes he’s scored goals in Russia but in that case he may have well have just scored loads of goals in Scotland. Go all out for Lambert or dare i say Berbatov (although wages will scupper that) i believe there may be time still to try Guidetti.

  6. Why is every single transfer window the same at our club….Oh lets go for this really good foreign player, worth a fortune, we can get him on the cheap….Oh, hold on he needs a work permit. In the meanwhile all the half decent options are gone…. never mind, on the last day of the window, there’s always this cheap Brazilian. Lies, Lies, and more Lies, from our scummy owners.

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