7.5Million for two first team midfielders?

This bid is beyond a joke! If you are going to make a bid in January for two first team midfielders from another club at least make a decent bid FFS! First of all they cant be replaced mid season, secondly to give the opposing club a chance you should and WOULD be expected to pay way above the going rate for them.

They thought that by coming out in public with the bid they could rattle the players and get them to put in a transfer request, this is the sign of a desperate club that will pull all the tricks in the book to survive in the PL.

So I’ll make a deal with you Mr Meulensteen. You will get my blessing if you can stump up 25Million (yes remember its two first team midfielders in January you want) Sorry if we paid 11Million for Jarvis then you are going to damn well pay that for those two or as the Dutch say:-

je kan mijn ballen kussen of mijn reet likken

Rene will understand….



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8 thoughts on “7.5Million for two first team midfielders?

  1. WAFL Meulensteen!
    Supply and demand rules apply in January. Market values mean shit, plus Fulham have got a new wealthy owner. We don’t need (financially speaking) to sell those players and even if we did Gold and Sullivan would wipe their arses with that offer and send it straight back. £25m would mean we could replace them within the window, seems a fair price to me.

  2. Yep 25 mil seems fair mid season and you can have Diame and that other ungrateful cunt (who now apparently wants to go on strike) and we’ll grab llalana now Southampton are gonna apparently go into meltdown.

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