Lacina Traore?

Apparently, & according to the Daily Mail (so probably wrong), BFS is going to make a personal appearance to plead his case to the ‘work permit powers that be’ tribunial this afternoon, pleading that Traore should be given a permit, even though he doesn’t tick all of the required boxes, a medical is already scheduled for tomorrow (14/01/14) …….watch this space…..


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One thought on “Lacina Traore?

  1. Is this bloke worrh it? I’ve not seen or heard nothing of him, so what im saying is, is this bloke just a taller Maiga? Again i’d heard nothing of him and kept reading about all this effort to sign him(Maiga) and look how he turned out, i just think sometimes we make the effort for the wrong players, like Guidetti now going to Stoke while we’re fannying about this Lacina bloke

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