The last 15 Captains

Can you guess the last 15 club captains? I know I cant force you but try not to look at the internet, see how well you do because I tried it earlier and it wasn’t as easy as I thought.


Good luck….

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16 thoughts on “The last 15 Captains

  1. Nolan(if can call him a captain),Parker, Upson (see Nolan), Dicks,Brooking,Bishop,Bonds, Martin Allen,Moore,Di Canio….does Noble count? Thats me lot im afraid and they may not be right, it is alot harder than you think

    • 1. Nolan (2011-)
      2. Upson (2009-11)
      7. Di Canio (2001-03)
      9. Dicks (96/97)
      12. Bishop (90/92)
      14. Bonds (74/84)
      15. Moore (61/74)

      These are the ones Paul got, can anyone else guess the rest? You have the dates above…

  2. The last 15

    1961–74 Bobby Moore
    1974–84 Billy Bonds
    1984–90 Alvin Martin
    1990–92 Ian Bishop
    1992–93 Julian Dicks
    1993–96 Steve Potts
    1996–97 Julian Dicks
    1997–01 Steve Lomas
    2001–03 Paolo Di Canio
    2003 Joe Cole
    2003–05 Christian Dailly
    2005–07 Nigel Reo-Coker
    2007–09 Lucas Neill
    2009–11 Matthew Upson
    2011– Kevin Nolan

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