Ravel probably off

Well it didn’t last long but half a season in the wanker has already thrown his toys out and demanded a move because all the fans have basically bigged the fella up so much it has gone to his head and now he seems to think he deserves 60k a week!!


Well we all know he isn’t worth that because he has only had a few great games while in others he has seemed disinterested. Listen I’m sure he will become a great player but he needs to sort that attitude out and that may kill his promising career in the end.

The other reason why I think he will be gone is because IF we are going to sign Lescott, Traore and Marco Borriello (yes Italian sources saying we have reached an agreement with Roma to sign him but the player is yet to agree) then players have to leave.


Maiga will probably be gone, Diame is rumored to be going and it seems Ravel must be off if he isn’t even making the bench! But why give Carlton a new contract? Allardyce only wants one striker playing up front and Carroll is back, add to that Traore and Borriello we have more then enough quality up front (if it happens that is)

Going to be an interesting few weeks coming up Hammers!

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11 thoughts on “Ravel probably off

  1. Carlton Cole is a no problem player apparently. Never makes much noise, doesn’t seem to complaint. The ideal back up / squad player. For a reasonable (small) fee, and for now, I think it is a good decision.

    I don’t think Borriello will bring much of anything. He is past due date and has been skipping from one club to another in the past years (and what does that tell you?). See below :

    Senior career*
    Years Team Apps† (Gls)†
    2002–2010 Milan 54 (18)
    2001 → Triestina (loan) 9 (1)
    2001–2002 → Treviso (loan) 27 (10)
    2003–2004 → Empoli (loan) 11 (2)
    2004–2005 → Reggina (loan) 29 (4)
    2005–2006 → Sampdoria (loan) 12 (2)
    2006–2007 → Treviso (loan) 20 (5)
    2007–2008 → Genoa (loan) 35 (19)
    2010– Roma 52 (12)
    2011–2012 → Juventus (loan) 13 (2)
    2012–2013 → Genoa (loan) 28 (12)

    I am all for bringing in players who will not have a one dimensional style of play and bring in that latin furia (like Tevez), but let’s not waste our money on gambles like these, please.

    As for Morrison, a shame he has decided to be that capricious again. You can tell something is not right in that boy’s head. He might become great, though I doubt it with that short of a fuse in his head. More probably than not, he will just be another unaccomplished promise. I have seen tons of players who, like him, were extremely promising, but for a host of reasons never really had the career everyone thought they would have. We will know in 10 years, maybe less.

  2. Morrison??? Has he really been that great. Ok, he is a kid who has shown the odd flash of quality but in too many games he has gone missing a bit. Maybe you could argue you could build a side around him
    In the future but in our position we need players who are in for the cause and he obviously ain’t one if those. I for one will be happy to see him gone…..with my best wishes and I’ll take the 10 million and spend it on a player or two who do love the game and our side and want to prove themselves week in week out..

  3. Morrison has talent , no doubt but he shows little bottle and no interest when he’s needed. When the going gets tough etc… It would be a shame but in today’s game there is no loyalty, only money and if enough is offered the player is gone. he’s had a few good games and he’s got an agent in his ear telling him that he’s worth more. Let him go and be someone elses problem.

    • I say good riddance,yeah he MIGHT!! Turn out to be a good player but I think
      His getting to big for his boots! And he’s got a bad attitude, let someone
      Else have his shity baggage we’l take
      The 6 mill thanks. Tatah Manc.

  4. It’s all paper talk Rav doesn’t want a move he’s said so himself! Borriellio will only sign if Traore doesn’t get work permit. If he agrees. Don’t believe everything you read.

  5. Ive been defending him for weeks now, but no more i cant its obviously the agent yapping away telling him “your a great player you deserve to be on great wages or playing for a better team blah blah” and if he’s stupid enough to think he’ll get more game time and more money and become a huge mega srar because its that easy then he can fuck off and fail like so many others who thought the same thing, he’s obviously thick as shit and has a stinking attitude, if Sir Alex could’nt get through to him BFS has got no chance, i now fuck off Rav and thank you poor schmuck who buys him i’ll take 10mil!

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