What to do about Carroll

Well it’s taken another half season but Andy is back. Is he fit enough well no he isn’t because he hasn’t played any behind door games.

Generally when the players come back from injury one or two games are arranged to get the players fitness back but not for Andy. So I was racking my brain wondering why they do it for most players but not for their most expensive signing ever.

The ankle…they are shit scared his ankle is going to give before he kicks a ball for a competitive game. Doesn’t really fill me with much confidence tbh and I can’t see him seeing the season through.

But anyway back to our most important game the season! The general consensus is that we lose Allardyce finally goes (believe that when I see it) but when would you play him?

Bring him on for the first half hour, give the squad a massive confidence boost and hope we get a goal or play him for the last hour but we could be losing badly by then?

Knowing him he will play Andy for the last 10mins when we are 2-0 down.


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6 thoughts on “What to do about Carroll

  1. It’s desperation from Allarshite, i think he’ll come on for the final 10-15mins on the hope the game is 0-0 and Carroll will nick a goal. But he’ll no doubt come on and get injured again and that will be his season. Like you say regardless of the result BFS wont get sacked cos G&S ain’t got the stones and they’ll look like a right pair twats if they after all the public support they’ve given him

  2. A theory. If we do lose today and bfs doesn’t go what about putting him on gardening leave. Ok, we’re still paying him but not the 6 million quoted. G and a can negotiate with him in the meantime and he is away from our first team. Bring in the development squad manager or malky to the end of the season and have a look at them. If they don’t work we get slaven for next season as he is only available in the summer. Meantime alarms just gone off and off to Cardiff. Big game, big day for us. COYI!!

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