6 years ago today…………….

……..Fat Sam got sacked from the Newcastle Utd. job……………..


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One thought on “6 years ago today…………….

  1. Excerpt from Sky Sports News interview with Allardyce:

    The Hammers travel to Cardiff on Saturday on the back of a 5-0 FA Cup reverse at Nottingham Forest and 6-0 Capital One Cup capitulation at Manchester City having not won in the league since beating Fulham at the end of November.

    They currently sit second-bottom of the Premier League – three points behind Saturday’s opponents – and when asked if he should say sorry, he replied: “For what?

    “I said before the Forest game that we had huge difficulties from a squad point of view and we would be playing a number of young players and obviously that was too much for those young players”.

    Theres nothing like motivating your youth players. He set them up for a fall then hung them out to dry. You’re an absolute disgrace Allardyce! Take fucking responsibility. If you knew we weren’t going to win at Man City (which is fair enough as they are pretty much unplayable at their ground) why didn’t you split the youth players over the two games???

    I think Allardyce just got pissed off with all the negativity about his management style, his tactics and his refusal to play youth and thought ‘Fuck it, I’ll show those fans how good the youth is’. I also subscribe to the theory that he wants to get sacked for the compo. I’m not buying any of this ‘we’ve got to support the manager’ shite that’s coming from the board. He is quite possibly the worst manager working in the football league currently.

    Allardyce OUT!!!

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