It couldn’t get any worse under Grant we thought…

Do the right thing and quit you no good worthless piece

of cow shit you!

Last 5 games:-

scored 5 conceded 18 (and counting)

'I'm forever blowing bubbles'

‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’

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37 thoughts on “It couldn’t get any worse under Grant we thought…

  1. NO more excuses… the right thing and quit!…you have made us the laughing stock of the league… will take years to fix the damage you have done….All fans, even season ticket holders, need to boycott the next home game….let the World know what we think

  2. I’ll do sam’s interview for everyone … “Well the owners new we would get beat 5 or 6 nil, I told them we would – City play attractive football and we are shit and I have no idea how to fix this. But next year in the Championship if we finish mid table and can get a good cup run going we’ll be fine”

  3. I have supported West Ham for 52 years and seen their ups and downs (more ups than downs) but they always played with commitment and flair. We always had good players if not a good team but now no bottle no class and a manager 20 years out of date please go and take all your players with you these ammers supporters deserve more

  4. For the first time since he has been at our club I actually felt sorry for Sam tonight. Clueless, helpless and inept….a broken man sat managing our side tonight, but I reminded myself that he has built that side over the past 2 seasons so the fault lies with only one man. I just don’t understand that if the David’s are such good businessman then how do we end up having to pay so much to someone who has obviously failed in his job.

    • Well we all knew the Fat Cnut had lost the dressing room weeks ago!?
      The really scary thing for me is how this useless clueless fat northern monkey was ever employed by our clubs hapless owners in the first place , especially after his recent sackings – it shows how inept Gold Sullivan and Brady truly are, and that they are where they are more by luck than judgement.
      Unless the Fat One drops dead or someone hopefully puts him out of his misery we’re stuck with the hopeless Neanderthal…I’ve never in my life been so pessimistic about the future of our once proud club!

  5. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DUSGUSTING, Iv’e supported West Ham for over 25 years and can honestly say iv’e never felt so deflated and embarressed them!! I thought Avram Grant’s lot were bad but at least they showed some spirit even if they emwere shit but this lot just seem fucking spineless (Noble the exception) Allardyce do the decent thing and just FUCK OFF YOU CUNT!!!!!

  6. I repeat what I posted a few days ago, Allardyce is trying to get the sack to walk away with his dosh. Why if on Sunday he was protecting what players he had for City has Rat, Collison, or C. Cole not started either match. Maiga especially was shit against Forest, but he still started against City, Rat, and Collison could of played with the kids on Sunday. The owners have to see this, or are they more stupid than we think.

  7. It’s now 9:30 the morning after west ham lost AGAIN!! by a big scoreline and were humiliated on TV AGAIN!!!!!! we’ve taken an obscenely low amount of points in the last 7 games and our last win was nearly a month ago yet that fat prick dinosaur cunt still has a fucking job!!!!!! G&S claim to be fans and they feel the pain and frustration bollocks they’re just afraid they’re gonna lose money when we drop to the championship the greedy cunts

  8. If Sullivan and Gold wanna know the name of a replacement i can name at least four replacements, and they can all do a better job than Allarshite!!
    1.Malky Mackay
    2.Roberto Di Matteo
    3.Steve Clarke
    4.Slaven Bilic
    These are just a few names i can think of

  9. This situation has really made me ask myself what I am doing getting stressed over this lot every day. And now I see our greedy, selfish, stupid owners have taken out a full page advert in the metro to sell us tickets for the semi final second leg at…. wait for it…….£42 each. I then turn on SSN to see that Man u defender Chris Smalling has had to apologise for going to a fancy dress party as a suicide bomber. These un-educated, brainless, people are not worth our support, or us wasting our lives being depressed over.

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