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We were in for Gignac during the Summer and he turned us down, I cant for one minute think why he would change his mind when we are 19th! But I suppose if you dont ask you dont get.

I don’t know anything about Dielna, yes we need defenders and he would jump at the chance! Checked him out and I can see why, he is loaned out to a small club called Ajaccio who are currently 17th in the French Ligue 1!

But the next story interests me, about a week ago there were murmurs of Ravel having a bust up with Allardyce and going AWOL over Christmas. So no smoke without fire, if it is in fact true that Ravel wants out then I say BYE BYE!! talent or not go do one Ravel we have enough problems we don’t need you getting up to your old tricks again sunshine!!

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12 thoughts on “Rumours

  1. True, ive heard Rav was quick to deny he wants to leave maybe the press just put two atwo together and got six to stir things up but then like you say no smoke without fire

  2. Makes no sense…… The guys nowhere near the finished article, but rates himself better than he is at present, wouldn’t waste his time going sideways.

  3. WEST HAM not even good enuf for fizzy pop league they should be relegated to skrill premier league. Allarshit out & take this shit of a team with you

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