Roger Johnson?

Apparently to sign & play on Wednesday – this coming from the Daily Mail

2011 Relegated with Birmingham
2012 Relegated with Wolves
2013 Relegated with Wolves
2014 Loaned to Sheff. Wed.

Pretty impressive record – should fit in well with us

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5 thoughts on “Roger Johnson?

  1. …and yet another past-it donkey joins the soon-to-be relegated Hammers!
    At least the Fat Hopeless Twat is consistent with his loans/transfers…….

  2. What a load of shit!! he’s now clearly given up Vaz signs a new deal and now we’ve got this useless prat, we’re now preping for the fizzy pop next season i do hope G&S are satisfied, they could have done something about this weeks ago and now they’ve got a manager who’s lost the dressing room, the youth and the fans and they now have a manager who has given up on the season and is building a squad of average championship players im really ready to just give up myself toi after hearing this

  3. Id had a bet with a fellow Hammer mate of mine who had said “Our owners have been quiet because they are about to sign a big name”. I said “No they will sign another has been”. We have both lost because not only is Johnson not a big name, he isn’t even a has been, because he has never been any good, and from F…ing Wolves again, where that waste of space Jarvis came from.

  4. Roger Johnson is at best poor. I always thought that if all the wolves flops Doyle was the better option. He may be shit but he always worked hard which unfortunately a point we cannot label at modibo. Lescott to Johnson?? We are in big big trouble now.

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