Agent Allardyce

Is it just Karma after us having a good laugh at Millwall’s expense? It would appear they have now placed their secret agent within the bowls of our club and are well and truly on the way to destroying our club!

Not only have the away fans been well a truly ripped off but we are also the toast of embarrassment around England and Europe! Yes we made headline news in Holland as well!

I’m getting whatsapp’s from every cunt around the UK and Europe! We are an utter disgrace at the moment. Also he hung the kids out to dry! Yeah I know he was proving a point but stick a few kids in with the first team and see how it goes FFS!

Not sure how much longer I can deal with this shit!



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23 thoughts on “Agent Allardyce

  1. You almost asked for that with your posting two days ago. Not giving a shit is an impossible emotion when the travelling fans are taken into consideration. I heartily thank you for the screenshot of that poor lad, it should be sent to Gobby Gold and Shitty Sullivan by everyone who has ever cared about our once great club and tattooed on the fat scabs forehead.
    What happened today was inevitable the moment the team sheet went up, talk about no plan B!, absolute disgraceful management and for what? Don’t ask me, I don’t fucking know. Fat bastard scab northern twat, I hope he has a stroke tonight.

  2. What an utter disgrace today was, 90 minutes of embarrassing football overseen by an out-of touch dinosaur. Not only has he “lost the dressing room” for the senior squad he’s lost it for the youngsters as well!
    The Two David’s haven’t got the balls to admit they got it wrong employing such a Neanderthal – they will end up with a club playing in the fizzy pop next year in the Olympic Stadium, which will make their grand plan of selling the club off (and lining their pockets with loads of wonga) to a billionaire next season even less likely! I’m such a cynic but this is the reality now….

  3. Unfortunately we all know that getting knocked out the FA cup was necessary to give our paper thin squad a better chance if survival in the prem. Hanging the kids out to dry was a disgrace, but he won’t get sacked for it. Likewise we’ll get hammered by City, but he won’t get sacked for that. We have to hope that the board act if we get beaten by Cardiff. By then is it all too late? Who knows, but I know how that kid in the crowd felt today.

    • I don’t accept that at all, a win, (even a draw) would’ve lifted the spirits of the whole club, that alone could’ve been the kick off point in the drive to the end of the season, instead of that we can look forward to a good pasting at Eastlands and further doom and gloom.

      • We’ve been winning in the league cup & that’s done nothing to improve league form. And if we’d got a draw today or picked up an injury to a 1st team player, we’d be even more fuct than we already are. Like it or not, the remaining league games are all that matter between now and May.

  4. Davies just announced kids for a quid at the next home game. Each ticket comes with a tissue. Poor lad, well done West Ham for proving you care about no one.

  5. What a disgrace. To not give a shit about the fans by giving up on a football match where 3,000 godly souls had made the effort to travel but hanging our kids out to dry is simply unforgivable. Playing three at the back with two of them being from our development squad with downing and Jarvis wide expecting them to cover the holes was more of a worry to me than his ineptitude in managing our club. Even at half time he could have changed to 4-5-1 but he sat in the dug out with a rye smug smile on his face knowing he has fucked it completely. I for one have had enough…..again, not only does he persist on turning the traditions of my club into dust but he is now above any recrimination for his many mistakes………….taxi bfs!

  6. I’m sure this is part of the Allardyce plan. He’s actually trying to get the sack and paid off by the club. He’s lost the players, the fans just the board to go. Paid off then retirement

  7. Terrible day at the office. I pity all the fans that got up at ‘fuck me o’clock’ to get to the game, & the nation still laughing at us on national TV

  8. We as fans are stuck in the situation where we have claret and blue blood, we wont go anywhere else, we are WEST HAM. The problem is….our owners realise that, they know we will be there next home game. I have total respect for the 3k that went to Forest today, cant afford it or I would probly be there with them. But until we hit the owners in the pocket, and stay away they will not listen. ALL THE DAVIDS CARE ABOUT IS MONEY NOT US, NOT OUR CLUB So stay away, it doesn’t mean we don’t love OUR club, at the end of the day, its for the long term.

  9. Not sure I could do that Boleyn but i am plenty piss off at the mo , i am going to Upton park tomorrow and i will ask to speak to someone.

  10. Regardless of the fucking result on wednesday that fat northern cunt has to go!!! The Forest game was an absolute disgrace and how can he justify hanging all our youth out dry like that! I knew we were going to lose by the attitude we went into the game with its not the loss that gets to you its the manner of the defeat, no fucking fight or pride Shown thats not fair on 3k travelling faithful my younger sister being one of em she left at 6:30 in the morning(i was lucky i was working) she came back gutted and she’s the one in my family who’s most optimistic and positive no matter what and she returned with no belief in em what so ever so welk done sam your destroying the club the team and the fans

  11. Sam want to get the sack – then he can say it wasn’t his fault they went down. He wants to stick to playing at being a manager instead of lining his pockets getting Nolan and his fat agent Curtis to persuade players to leave their agents and sign with Curtis #backhander

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