Preppin’ for the championship…

….We have offered Ricardo Vaz Tê a contract expension up until the summer of 2015, & we’re hoping to extend Carlton Coles contract which runs out on January the 13th.

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10 thoughts on “Preppin’ for the championship…

  1. If you were a pro-footballer and your Manager is not picking you for any Saturday games, what are your options. Wait till the end of the season, and get transfer-listed witha CV that said ‘Had trouble with Manager so he wouldn’t pick me”, or do go out on loan to us, get relegated, then get transfer-listed your club with a CV that says “Had trouble with Manager so he wouldn’t pick me, got loaned out to the Irons, and got relegated.”. No brainer.

  2. Why don’t you just get behind the irons and stop creating this negative vibe!! Yes we are shit atm but there is 18 games left!! COYI

    • Paul, The reason a lot of people including myself are being so negative as you put, is because of the crap we have been fed by our club for the past few months. Firstly Vaz is not good enough, so we spend our last few mill on Downing instead of a much needed striker, now we give Vaz a new contract, typical Allardyce crap. Your right though, we are crap at the moment, and we wont get any better until the boring dinosaur is sacked.

      • “and we wont get any better until the boring dinosaur is sacked”
        Well said OxfordHammer, couldn’t have put it better myself! 😉

      • Thing is guys he’s a very expensive boring dinosaur…there was a chart of managers wages and he’s up there with some of the best that have won major cups..!!! How??? Fuck knows….a very good agent I think. We just gotta hope n pray fellas.

  3. Feel sorry for the youth players today that ain’t gonna do em any good Fuck Off Allarshit G &S & the fat whore Brady our club is a laughing stock now il never go to boleyn with these clowns in control

    • Yeah I feel sorry for the youth too. Also BFS has fucked Adrian over again. Just get out Allardyce, fuck off NOW! I’d take Avram back until the end of the season over this loser.

      Listen to the fans Gold and Sullivan!

      Allardyce OUT!!!

  4. Today was the last straw, if our pathetic owners cant tell this Wanker Allardyce does not give a shit about our club after today then they never will. For me he is now doing things, and showing the attitude that he wants the sack so as he walks with his dosh. GIVE HIM IT, I would rather keep the squad we have, and get rid of him rather than continue to watch him destroy us as a club.

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