The circus is in town!

Woke up this morning to Allardyce has been sacked, then he hasn’t, then they were making their mind up last night, then they weren’t and he is staying.

Then Carroll was in Amsterdam to get off coke addiction (when people normally come here to buy it) and now we are facing a 10pt deduction because we covered up a drug test he failed.



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11 thoughts on “The circus is in town!

      • Oh right then, 2 things, BFS unfortunately won’t get the push because it’ll cost in the region of £6m to pay him off. Secondly, I’m pretty sure a points deduction is not a penalty that can be imposed if a player fails a drug test, if he did fail, Caroll would be facing a ban and I doubt the press would have missed it.

  1. Drastic change is needed from the board management & players.i know sth won’t boycott games as there already paid but fans who buy tkts should think of boycotting 1 game then G & S will get the message to sell up some of our players are past it we need a clear out & play the youth players they couldn’t do any worse aint we all fed up with being lied to & as for the OS what a mistake we need a team now to be proud of not in 3 year’s time it will be to late

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