The board cant sack Allardyce

They probably want to but they simply cant afford to. Basically the murmurings around the Boleyn go like this: It will take around 6Million to pay the manager off but they need that money for new signings in January, sack Allardyce and the new manager gets nothing…dilemma innit.


Arry is apparently the favourite to take over if the manager does in fact get his P45 but if QPR supporters are calling for arry to go then you have to worry don’t you! He couldn’t keep QPR up and they spent shitloads so what would he do for us with nothing?

I cant see Arry coming but if the impossible happens I can see Malky coming because if the club is smart enough they will look to the future and get a manager that knows the Championship as well because we all know its going to take a fucking miracle to keep us up now!

Also Ravel. All this bollocks about him being injured is bullshit. The window opens and he goes AWOL? Nah sorry not having that so expect him to be gone sooner rather then later. Doesn’t matter what happens now we have to accept that we are probably about 70% there at the moment and the relegation percentage just keeps on growing.

To give us just a little glimmer of hope we need to get a new manager in before our next game, buy two strikers (which the new manager will play) and two defenders. Get rid of Taylor, O’Brien, Linda and Collison (sorry not good enough anymore) drop Nolan (Allardyce must be desperate slatting his blue eyed boy in public add another enemy to his ever growing list) and strip him of the captaincy and give it to Noble.

The thing that makes me angry the most is that we had a chance to start again when we came up, we finished 10th in the first season and we fucked it up! In a season we have gone back maybe 3yrs! No depth in the squad because of cutbacks and signing an injured player on 80k a week for 6yrs!!

OH and guess what, Cardiff have a new manager and his first game will be against….us. You get the feeling that we have now become the whipping boys of the Premier league because everyone earmarks us as the game to get points. Three points for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

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12 thoughts on “The board cant sack Allardyce

  1. Agree with all of this. In america I can’t get championship matches on TV. Had to watch as many shitty streams as I could a couple years ago. Really not looking forward to that next season man. Get him the fuck out, bring in Mackay(I fuckin wish) and front the money. None if that will happen because we have owners that don’t give a shit. Disgusting.

  2. Gobsmacked Boleyn absolutely gobsmacked myself and my friends all season ticket holders have already emailed the ticket office and inform them that we would not be purchasing any more away tickets until the board have come to there senses and sack BFS and ask them to forward the email on , i can’t believe this is happening again to our club , please please please Gandalf, hobbit and BFS just fuck right off (sorry)and leave our club alone ,we have all had it right up to here with your so could management .

  3. Who keeps talking about 6mil as though its a lot of money its peanuts in the EPL they stand to lose ten times that if they go down, and stay down, Ravel is only a bit player and will not be missed, what we need is a young Aguers or Suarez so lets get down that part of the world where the kids just wont to have a go.

  4. We missed a great opportunity when we were relegated and we are paying now for not rebuilding. We appointed a manager to get us promoted but not one to take us to the next level or to build firm foundations with. A young manager when we were relegated who bought in young hungry players to grow with Winston, Tompkins, noble etc may have not got us promoted instantly but we would now be reaping the dividends and be in course for our Olympic adventure and a top 5 finish beyond that. Mr gold and Sullivan as businessmen may be very astute but in running a football club they leave a lot to be desired. Maybe they will heed the lesson if we are relegated again, however I doubt it..

  5. Our owners should be reminded we are being Managed!!!!(laugh), by a character who slated us fans, and said the west ham way was to lose matches. What the f..k have we been dong for the last few months under this clown. That alone should be enough for them to throw the clown on the scrap heap. I repeat from earlier. WE MUST STAY AWAY UNTIL THEY HEAR US.

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