Must win….

End of……………..

Or might be for BFS

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12 thoughts on “Must win….

  1. At the very least Nolan should be stripped of the captaincy- give it to Noble who has claret and blue blood. And if BFS isn’t gone by the end of the week I’m done watching this season….have the same from the wife every game….”why do you bother to watch ’em?…they always lose!” 1-0 up at Fulham, seems like there is hope and in she walks “it won’t last….” don’t like being told “I told you so!”….hate it even more that she is right!!

    • It just gets worse and worse and worse we are on a very slippery slope…into the chumpionship!!! Don’t give that clueless fat bastard another penny, get new manager new ideas give him the money and hopefully that will save our prem asses…

  2. It’s such a shame the fat one won’t fall on his sword and walk away – he’s just waiting to be sacked so the two David’s have to cough up the remainder of his contract!
    Enough is enough…..

    • Your right there timB, as if he’s gonna walk away…he couldn’t give a shit about west ham or getting relegated coz either way he’ll still get paid mega money. He knows it’ll cost about 2-3 million to pay him off and when were relegated he gets sack and some other mug club will appoint him…!!
      A disgrace…!!

      • Exactly elbow….Who’s the stupid ones here, him or us. The next home game has to have massive empty rows of seats if they don’t sack the incompetent tosser now. The owners are as much to blame, again today were chasing the game, and he refuses to go two up front, and they do nothing. I’m finished for the season, or until he’s gone.

  3. The two tossers gave him the contract last season so they should cough up. He won’t fall on his sword, he would be stupid to with 2 million in compensation. Swallow your pride porn king and give the tosser the money and get him out of our club before we are so far adrift it’s too late!!
    Take Nolan with you Sam and if not we will turn on the board!!!!

  4. Thing is – BFS held out signing a new contract until we upped his offer – I tell you, who are the fools? Who’s fault is it really?…………………..G&S have to take full blame here

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