Mladen Petrić?

“Both the club and I had a right of termination for the winter,If West Ham didn’t made use of it, I would have done. When I arrived I was told that we were going to play with two strikers – but that was never the case so, I couldn’t go on. Now I must find a club where I can play regularly, because I want to be be involved with the World Cup in Brazil.”


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8 thoughts on “Mladen Petrić?

  1. Yet another player stating he was lied to, cant all be making it up. Allardyce, and our pathetic owners continue to ruin the name of our club.

  2. Unfortunate. I hate when players don’t receive a decent chance to prove their worth. Clearly, this one was motivated, and could not have been injured for three months. Players are not the only ones being lied to…

  3. How are we going to attract anyone of worth if players get lied to, does Allardyce and our moron owners not think that if ya keep telling porkies to everyone that no one will want to do business with you because they’ll believe ya to be a bunch of untrustworthy twats! These pricks are tarnishing this great clubs reputation.We used to be everyone’s second team but our rep has rapidly dropped since Tevezgate and this mob are making it worse rather than restoring it I’m getting sick of it!

  4. Allardyce, Gold & Sullivan you are a disgrace! Get packed and fuck off out! Why was Petric needlessly fucked about like this? If he wasn’t good enough in the first place why did you bring him in? All three of you are liars and you’re not fit to do your jobs!

    Allardyce OUT!!!
    G&S OUT!!!

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