John Heitinga?

According to The Daily Mail (so, don’t hold your breath), & claiming it to be an exclusive (well, can it be exclusive, if it’s on here?!), – John Heitinga has signed for us…..


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9 thoughts on “John Heitinga?

  1. Don’t be surprised that I’m not jumping for joy at this news. It’s all over SkySportsNews now as well, so I think it’s a done deal. We need a defender, he is a defender. Just hope he’s not Pogatetz No.2!

    • Pogatetz never got game time, even when we had injuries and O’Brien stepped in. Why sign him?? I hope you’re right Steve

  2. Don’t think its a bad signing, lets face it, we have no money, we need a defender ,and he has a reason to impress, also he’s been around the prem for a while, more importantly we need the striker though.

  3. I really rated him when he was playing regular at Everton and I think he will be a good addition to our squad. Like people have said already World Cup coming up n he wants game time! Just hope BFS actually plays him.

  4. Good signing if he can regain the form he had at Everton in his first years and we seriously need defenders at the moment, next we need a striker that is absolutely critical but with all the fibs being told that’s gonna be tough coz no decent striker will trust Allardyce as he lies to em saying they’ll play and then either leave em on the bench or play in the reserves!

  5. Got a feeling we’ll have to sell Diame or they’ll cash in on Ravel as Chelsea ave been sniffing around plus apparently he had a row with Allardyce

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