Ravel offski?

We’ve been here before haven’t we West Ham? In the years you have supported this club how many times have we had a few decent youngsters and they have left after a good season or two?

I think we have to accept that we just aren’t very sexy when it comes to football clubs and keeping talent. I’ve seen it happen since the 80’s even Cottee up sticks in his best years. Stuart Slater was another and then we lost our dream team Rio, Lamps, Cole, Carrick etc etc

Also how many times have you seen us relegated in the years you have supported WHU? Yes I know too many but do we ever stop supporting them? Do we fuck! We are West Ham, probably the most loyal supporters in the World because no matter what happens we keep coming back for more.

Oh and before I log out Ravel is said to have gone AWOL during Boxing Day and had a ruck with Allardyce hence being dropped and is not injured. Not only that Chelsea are said to want him and Ravel wants out. Yes that’s shit news but like I just said we have been here many many many times before so as far as I’m concerned flog him for 10 Million and tell him to fuck off next….

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20 thoughts on “Ravel offski?

  1. I agree. Yes he’s gonna be a talent…
    But he’s also gonna be a fucking
    Nightmare!! 10 mill ain’t a bad recoup
    On 1 million.. Flog the lil Manc c–t
    No 1 mugs off west ham..!!

  2. when we went down in 78 we had quite a good team.John Lyall added new players gradually then in 79 the final piece of jigsaw Phil Parkes who was the biggest transfer fee for a goalkeeper he took 3 seasons to get us up but was worth the wait. I know today’s football & the money involved its harder but we came up to soon plus the players are average defo not prem standard apart from Reid under Lyall we kept our quality Brooking Bonds Lampard senior Devonshire with Alvin on fringes plus added Ray Stewart Paul Goddard we already had Pike Holland Cross the team was millions times better than the shit today they played for the shirt not money as for Ravel he will become the mercenary for funds for other players if G & S are serious about West Ham like they say they are then all we ask is sack BFS get in Malky Mackay give him a contract to end of season if we stay up will be a bonus plus money for 2 defender’s & 2 striker’s as were too short in defence also sign a decent keeper on loan id still like G & S to go as they lie to us who remembers what they said champions league football in 4 years ha ha ha not with this shit team

  3. Sack BFS now and get in Malky, BFS could be losing the dressing room it may not be down to Morrison, how many times has he told players to play out of position like Diame for example maybe Rav had the bollocks to tell him NO, granted the manager should have the say but if his say is a bad idea can a player not say ” boss I dont think that will work my stregths are here blah blah” (ya get my meaning ) i wanna give Rav the benifit of the doubt we should now try to keep the special talent we’ve got the one that should go is that fat c##t!!

  4. Whatever way we go now we simply cannot afford to lose talent, it’s really that simple. Ravel has talent, all too many times we have sold our talent and they have mostly gone on to become top top players, lampard being a great example. Is ravel any more of a pain than ince and he went onto captain England, judas or not.
    On malky, I’m not sure we aren’t just jumping on the first boat that sails by. As a supporter for 30+ years I think we need stability now. Not a til the end of the season job. I still say slaven is the best we could get and we need someone who plays the game the right way. If we go with malky, we must back him all the way through thick and thin or else we keep going back to square one over and over again. We need a manager we believe in!!

  5. I must be missing some thing is Ravel that good I think not, in fact did we miss him last game not at all. The team is just second rate and who do we blame for that the owners or the manager.

  6. I think someone said this before ‘it never rains for West Ham, it only pours’. This season is one of the worst I’ve seen, both on and off the pitch. My opinion is that NO player is bigger than the club, end of story! If any player says ‘I want to leave’ then I’d say sell them. Then again I think Ravel is in the best team he could be in in the Premier League. If he goes to Chelsea for £10m he be part if an expensive bench warming system which includes De Bruyne and Torres, I’m sure heated seats aren’t that expensive nowadays! At West Ham he’s not only getting game time, he is standing out. Going to a top Premier League side would mean an immediate loan out to a Championship or European side. Now for the other side i the argument, as it has been alluded to already, Allardyce’s man management skills are about as good as his tactics. I’m not surprised if some if not all of the players are getting wound up by his ineptitude. But professional footballer should do what the managers tell them, that’s what makes them a ‘professional’. If the results don’t come on the field then it’s up to the owner/board to take action. I think with the current state of affairs the owners have missed the moment to take action by about 2-3 months! Unfortunately there is very little that can be done about inept owners. Constant fan pressure can take its toll, but the pound signs in G&S’s eye at the prospect of the profit on the sale of the club will keep them here until that sale is realised.

    Allardyce OUT

    • Yeah they are here for the quick profit they will make on the stadium. I however do believe that the!stadium will attract someone with serious money to invest, add the fact that’s it’s in the capital and has a massive catchment area as well!

    • I’m right up there in the Allardyce out gang, but its clear its not going to happen. Even our inept owners, who clearly know little about football would not give him any more money to waste if they had any thoughts of sacking the dinosaur before the end of the season. They clearly have there own agenda, which includes selling the club when the O/S move comes around, whichever league we are in. I’m also getting a little bit dogged off with idiots on different sites coming out with “what are the options”…… Di-Matteo, Malky, Paolo, Steve Clarke, Bilic, are just a few, off the top of my head, who would be less in the dark ages as far as tactics are concerned.

  7. Seen it so many times over the 54 years of supporting the hammers, decided that this is my last season of doing so. I we eve hear from the board and clueless manager are lies lies and more lies. Had enough not just with hammers but with football in general. Too many over paid egotistic players today. Thanks for the memories but enough is enough, goodbye football.

      • I did say not to believe a word that muppet Gold says because as I said in a previous post that he lied befrore regardong Carroll he said he’d be back for West Brom as we’ve found out that was a load of bollocks! Im startimg to think Carroll wont be back at all this season it’ll be feb then in feb it’ll be march etc, RAV stay ALLARDYCE out!!!!

    • Jon, Iv had the same feelings after my nearly 50 years following this lot, and have never felt so fed up with the game in general. The last straw for me was the Chelsea V Liverpool match last evening, the standard of refereeing from the supposed best in the country made me think what the hell im doing wasting my time with this excuse for a sport. Coupled with the situation at U/P im on the brink of changing my allegiance to women’s hockey, where the players have more balls!!!!.

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