Not often I agree with Iain Dale

But this statement has to be carried far and wide:

the main point of this blogpost is to mane an appeal to the joint-chairmen. Make a decision and stick with it. If you’re going to fire Allardyce, do it now. This evening. But if you are not going to fire him, stick with him. You’re in the best position to judge whether he can make it and turn things around. Use your experience from the Grant era to inform your decision, but it is your decision and you need to be accountable for it. And if you are going to give Allardyce your confidence, you need to buy two central defenders and two strikers in January. Nothing less will be good enough. If you fire Allardyce, you’ll still need to do this, FFP or no FFP.

Iain Dale

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14 thoughts on “Not often I agree with Iain Dale

  1. Dont believe that Gold said Carroll would be back for the West Brom game and liw and behold he still aint back, what a cock up this entire season has been, Allardyce should be given an ultimatum ” win at Fulham” or your out!! Now is the time so if we do get rid of him a bloke can come in and make his own signings and sort this lot out

  2. The pair of cunts shown at Brum they are not averse to the club going up and down, just as long as they can sell at a profit. We are an easy sell even with a heavy debt, (we had three other bidders) we still could attract better than these twats.
    Allardyce was a cunt then, is a cunt now and will always be a cunt. This pair of cunts employed the cunt, that makes them cunts in my book.
    They are to blame for everything, horrible cunts. I hate the pair of cunts.

  3. Apparently agree you Boleyn Gandalf ,the hobbit and BFS are going to stay until they have f**k our club left, right and f**king centre.

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