So who feels for Adrian?

If ever I have seen bad management this is it. Never have I known a manager to drop his first choice keeper, replace him with the number two for a couple of games and then reinstate him. Can someone please tell me what the fuck that was all about?

Destroy Jussi by dropping him, get Adrians hopes up (but really the intention was to effectively use the poor fella for two games he expect to lose) then drop him after two games and stick Jussi back in. I think what he has done to his keepers is disgusting and if ever there was a moment to have a players revolt this will be it.

I reckon the whispers behind his back have begun because he is treating some of his players like a piece of dirt to save his own arse. It worked though because I reckon this draw has saved him once more. Twitter is now 90% against Allardyce but I think the board cannot sack him anymore.

What the hell is a new manager going to do with the shit Allardyce has signed? The new targets are Sam’s and they are designed to fit into his own negative style of football. Dare I say it we now grudgingly have to stick with him….thank the board!

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5 thoughts on “So who feels for Adrian?

  1. It’s just another mismanagement nugget. Jussi didn’t do any better than Adrian, completely static on the first two goals, and number 3 was a bit like the welbeck shot for which Adrian got slaughtered (unfairly I must say). BUT, as you say, both must feel like muppets right now. I just don’t see how this could possibly be worse with another coach or manager. And I really do not think it will improve when we get our injured players back because it will be too late in time and because things seem to have deteriorated too much.

    As I said a couple of weeks ago, this team needs a massive blood transfusion. It will not happen with Allardyce. Continue with him and we go in coma, I have no doubt about it now. As much as I see some comments left and right saying he has not lost the dressing room, I can’t help but thinking he has. Look at the performances of more than half the players. That is too much. He has to be dismissed, regardless of the rest of the results. Even if Palace and Fulham have lost, it is just buying time and we are running out of it as well as of opportunities to get the points NOW. A new manager will give new challenges to the players, who will want to show what they are worth. Players as Rat, Demel, Diame are much better than what they have shown lately. Diarra and the young ones will want to earn a place on the team. It won’t happen with Allardyce, he has made it clear enough by now. ACTION PLEASE!!!!

  2. Every time it looks like he has nowhere to run and the board will sack him, bfs pulls out a result. Spurs x2 and at half-time today I think he was gone. If we had lost today and Sunderland hadn’t been so poor for 70 mins I honestly can’t see how the board could have justified keeping him. As it is, a draw and the transfer window have saved him. The fact however remains that this man is damaging our club by ignoring the youngsters and playing a style or lack of a style that is both primeval and ugly without results. Please please please put us out of our misery s & g…

  3. And another thing….bemoaning a lack of depth won’t get you off the hook bfs. You had the money and spunked it on a horse that don’t run. The pressure on ac is now so heavy that he would have to be compared to Ronaldo to get us out of this mess. His impact on our team remains to be seen, however I doubt he will stay fit for the rest of the season…I stand to be proved wrong. We need a change and we need it now. Poyet, pullis are examples of an injection of something different making a positive change……bring it!!!

  4. Couldn’t agree more I know Adrian made a howler but I think he’s pretty good. Good distribution also seems a solid bloke. I also felt he managed Diame badly for a period of games when he didn’t start him and for me he was out best player..

  5. When Sam first made the switch against Man U I didn’t think too much of it. However, my best friend was enraged, saying Sam had screwed up the ONE decent thing we’ve had this season. Goalkeeping. And now we have two keepers who have no idea of their status. My friend was right. Beyond idiotic.

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