Come back TB all’s forgiven!


You know when we were under the leadership of Terry Brown we knew a few things. We had no money, we were no thrills and pretty much what you saw was what you got but I give him his due because of the lack of investment the main effort was youth.

Next came the icelandics, they had money but didn’t have a clue about football. The economy crashed along with them and a buyer was sort. This desperate moment is what has killed us now because the only people to stump any sort of money up front were the two jokers we now have in charge of our club.

You know what they say desperate times means desperate measures and as no one else was interested in taking on our debt the porn barons eyed a club that they have supported their whole lives and a stadium to make them millions.

Only problem is that they in fact know less about football then the icelandics:

1. They have an inability to sign a decent manager

2. They can’t make impulsive decisions

3. They spend their money on the wrong players

4. Don’t have a clue what PR actually means!

And seem happy to turn us like Birmingham city into a yo-yo club. We have a dinosaur of a manager who is HUGELY overpaid and is clearly totally out of his depth (modern football has left him far behind) a teenage kid as the clubs mouthpiece and the final embarrassment of it all is that we are going to have a 54k stadium in the championship with Carlton Cole, Linda and Taylor on rolling contracts!

Look on the bright side though at least we will have a couple of tasty derbys against Millwall and Orient!

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6 thoughts on “Come back TB all’s forgiven!

  1. Well, the bond scheme turned all whufc fans against Brown – but compared to this lot & Icelantics….come back Terrence, all is forgiven.
    (Actually, I believe Brown still has considerable shares with whufc)

    • I’m convinced that if the country hadn’t fallen onto it’s knees we would of been a pretty decent club by now. Egghead didn’t have a clue but the bankroller did and he was savvy he would of hired the right man in to deal with all the football affairs.

      Owners of these rich clubs don’t have a clue about football but hire in football men to effectively run the clubs and they just bankroll it.

      He made a mistake about Eggy but didn’t have time to bring in a new guy. The bank had crashed by then.

  2. The managers a dinosaur – totally agree!
    We are deffo going down as he’s clearly clueless – hammers fans begrudgingly accepted him while we won a few games and played crap football but now we’re losing all the time and playing crap football the fans now know enough is enough!
    Unless the two Davids ACT NOW and get rid of him we are most certainly playing championship football next season….

    • It’s already too late. Can’t expect a new man to come in during the window, bed in, see his squad, see who he doesn’t want and look for New signings. These dithering fools should of done it weeks ago!

      WBA have earmarked our game as a game where they need 3pts so they will have a new man in for that game and they will be up for it. I can see them turning us over!

      • I’ll be honest, I expected Arse to beat us, but when Sunderland, Palace, Fulham and WBA all pick up points, it puts us right in the shit! Unfortunately this is what being a hammer is like. You have some good times and you have some bad times (well quite a lot actually). I think Allardyce is here until the end of the season at least, and I also think it’s too late for us. Tim B got it spot on: it was begrudgingly accepted that we played shit football when we were winning, but now we are losing or scraping draws patience has run out. Time to drop the under performers, bring in some youth and keep the ball on the deck! I will admit that until the first Goons goal we defended well, but our tactic was ‘get a goal and park the bus’. The problem is you can’t park the bus for nearly 45mins against one of the top 4 in the league when they need to score. Negative, boring, uninspiring, depressing, predictable, ugly football – Allardyces modus operandi

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