Why I’m a great believer in the youth

You know the one thing that really gets up my hooter about Allardyce is his stubbornness that old is good. Lots of people say “they cant be any good if they are not picked” or ”they are still young you cant throw them in at that age”


A great example of a club playing it’s youth when they need results is Ajax! Deep in the shit and losing 1-0 to a struggling team called Roda JC they bought on a 17yr old kid called Jairo Riedeweld. Ajax needed the win to go top and the pressure was on so their attitude is bring on a kid to prove himself and prove himself he did, he scored 2 goals in the last five minutes!!

Another example was this:

Lorenzo Ebecilio was aged 20 (I think) when I saw this game (free business seats next to Steve McClaren and I wanted to smack him one) If you watch the game he gave away a goal with a terrible pass and he was roundly booed and jeered by 50.000 home fans until the first half finished. Seriously if you think we treat our players badly you should see what they do when you make a mistake.

But anyother player would of gone in at halftime and demanded to be taken off but not him. He came out in the second half and scored a hat trick!!! What I’m saying is that kids have the bottle to play in big games and they are keen to prove themselves, I cant understand why he wont play anyone even when we are playing shit and decimated with injuries. I cant remember a manager quite like him when it comes to being so anti youth as Allardyce. Ajax prove that youth is the way forward, and we are meant to be the academy of football aren’t we? We should have the same attitude as Ajax because of our worldwide name for giving youth a chance yet we are anything but.

Hope you read this Allardyce! Get your finger out and start putting our name back on the youth map, there has never been a better moment then this!


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2 thoughts on “Why I’m a great believer in the youth

  1. Rooney………..! I remember Moyes playing him (for Everton) at UP – with 15 minutes to go – bloke next to me said, ‘watch this kid, he’s one for the future….’

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