back in 1971….

We had another much bigger scandal involving Bobby Moore and Jimmy Greaves. Out on the lash in a sleazy club called 007 in Blackpool they were spotted until the early hours drinking with boxer Brian London. It pretty much ended Moore’s love affair with WHU.

Greaves said:

“The story was plastered all over as if we had been guilty of the crime of the century.”

Moore said in 1985: “It was a completely innocent couple of hours. We only drank two or three glasses of beer. Clyde Best drank orange juice.

“After that, things were never the same between myself and West Ham. I had claret-and-blue blood, but I could never forgive the club for the way they treated me.”

The problem was they went on to lose 4-0…….

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One thought on “back in 1971….

  1. This is the thing, in an era when clubs looked after their top men and promoted from within, Moore was disgracefully cast aside by the club, I personally think the way his name & image is exploited by the club nowadays is in very poor taste.
    Bobby Moore was and remains a supporters man pure and simple.

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