Jaanai Gordon

So was Jaanai Gordon the new signing that everyone at the club was talking about? He’s only 18 and from a club two divisions below us and is expected to go straight into our squad 1st Jan and get us out of the shit we are in?

Everything is so bloody top secret with the club I don’t know anymore. Is there another player we are going to imminently sign? (which they said over a week ago) I thought this so called target of ours had scored this season in the Premier league?

Also dont take my word for it JS said so on Twitter and Peterborough United still have him listed as their player!

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One thought on “Jaanai Gordon

  1. If this is the player we’re pinning our hopes on then those twats in the board room will have proved they dont have a fucking scooby!!! I dont give a shit how many goals you’ve scored in league 1 you can’t expect the lad to jump up two divisions to one of the top leagues in the world and expect him to hit the ground running its too much pressure for a player with no PL experience! They knew fromthe fucking summer we needed another proven experienced striker and with this news it shows the prats STILL have’nt learned!!!

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