Is Allardyce the luckiest manager in the Premier league

Turns over the enemy and we are all gagging to start slagging him off again but we feel like we cant because of his masterstroke in the week.

The guy is a fucking genius because he manages to pull off these amazing victories just in time to take the pressure off him before the next onslaught of loses begins.

3.2 Million a year people and his record since the beginning of November reads:

played 8

won – 1

Drawn – 2

Lost – 5

5 points out of a possible 24, he is a stats man so he must think that he has gotten away with it. It is now officially too late to sack him so the club along with us are just going to have to hope and pray we stay up.

You cant get rid of a man when the window is open nor can you do it just before the window is about to open you have to do it at least a few weeks before hand so you can find a new manager plus he has to bed in see who he wants who he wants rid of blah blah blah.

Hence why all the teams around us have done it early doors to give the new guy a fighting chance. Dont get me wrong didn’t expect a victory today but again it was the manner of the loss after all the “we can kick on after Tottenham” bollocks! Dont know about you guys but I didn’t see any sign of the players wanting to ‘kick on’ after the great victory against the enemy.


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11 thoughts on “Is Allardyce the luckiest manager in the Premier league

  1. Dyou know what’s gonna save his fat ass……….Sunderland,palace,Fulham.
    Being even worse than us..!!! And they G+S said they want to improve..still I think we will stay up just!!! And bfs WILL be given the elbow.

      • True, so du think he’s gone after the gooners game..? Or du think
        There gonna chance getting a couple or three loans and Carroll coming back..? And HOPE we start climbing.

      • I can’t see them sacking him now. Yet again they’ve left it too late so we are all going to have to pray we stay up. I was watching the football league show last night and it reminded me why I don’t want to be back down there again.

  2. How much would it cost to show him the door ? Also, there are lots of changes going on, so a lot of openings in view, which makes it more difficult to “get the right guy”. Finally, the change of manager has not had a real showing in the results for Palace, Sunderland or Fulham. Three reasons why we still have Allardyce.

  3. I would take malky tomorrow. He has showed real integrity and is someone we can all get behind. Bfs won’t be gone until the end if the season now. If were safe I would say maybe just before, but I fear for us as although Fulham, Sunderland and palace aren’t getting the results their performances have improved dramatically under their new bosses and west brom will appoint very soon too. It’s gonna be a nail biter down there in the basement..

  4. G &S should off load Sam tomorrow and sign up Malky ASAP, now this is what should be done but we all know we’re stuck with him til the end of the season our hopes are now pinned firmly on Carroll returning and hitting Suarez form, I really fear for us because Fulham are improving drastically and its only a matter of before they string a few results together

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