Rumours 19/12/13

Today we are linked to…

Rickie Lambert

From what I gathered we can only get loans in due to lack of funds and I cant for one minute think why Southampton would let him go on loan. I can however understand them letting him go for a fee so is one of ours about to leave to open up transfer funds?


Apparently Valencia are in financial shit and need to sell. Apparently we are after their Brazilian striker Jonas but again cant see him leaving on a loan he plays every game for them and has so far scored 8 goals! Fee will be required for his services.

Sebastian Pocognoli

He is a left back and we have 3 players that can cover that roll. Why would be interested in this player?

Wilfried Zaha

Apparently we along with half the premier league are interested in him. I think we are showing interest after the injury to Downing but with such stiff opposition I cant see us getting him but would be a coup if we did!

Alfred Finnbogason

Talkshite claim we are in for him. But shite it is, I lost interest the moment they said he is worth 5 Million when in fact Heerenveen have said he can go for 14 Million euro! Get your facts right Talkshite!

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9 thoughts on “Rumours 19/12/13

  1. I sometimes wonder if the people who run the club read your website !!! I did mention Poco as an option over a year ago. Since then, we got Rat, so no reason to pursue that lead. And I also think Rat is a bit better, though Poco is younger.
    As for Jonas, I mentioned him and a couplemore players some time ago (Helder Postiga being one, he really impressed me when I saw him play against Barcelona), and yes, Valencia needs cash fast, since the banks have dropped them. They are technically broke.
    The other three you mention, I don’t see it happening except for Lambert (if we first sell). But he is over 30, isn’t he ? On the slope, like Holt when there were talks of him coming ?

  2. We should off load the crap and take advantage of Valencia’s dire financial situation and grab Jonas and Postiga! Lets face it I reckon Carroll will never be fully fit he’ll always be walking on egg shells like Darren Anderton. Plus it could’nt hurt tohave 3 quality strikers at the club. Kun Aguero is Sergio Aguero “Kun” was an argie nickname a relative gave him so now he has it on the back of his shirt and looks like a right “kun-t”

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