Two decent managers looking for a job

Not a Sunderland manager (yet)

Not a Sunderland manager (yet)

Attack minded manager

Attack minded manager

Both have a modern approach to the beautiful game, both looking for work and both play attractive football. Just saying like….

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12 thoughts on “Two decent managers looking for a job

  1. Both good managers with a modern approach to the game. Allardyces methods are archaic, and in the transfer market he gravitates towards older, ‘been around the block’ players. I’d like to see Di Matteo in charge. I think he can bring a better quality of football, and ultimately results! Not going to happen though, we are stuck with Fat Sam for the foreseeable future.

  2. Slaven bilic!!!
    But I would take any if those two over what we have….saying that I would take frank Bruno as our manager over spam!!

  3. If you’re gonna change do it now. Sam, bless him is in the past. I used to watch us hump it up to Hursty and then the play developed from there. Where is our passing game?. Di Matteo and Poyet both espouse this type of game and that is what we need. It will allow Noble and Morrison to do their thing to better effect

  4. Is it likely to happen though??
    We can see it as clear as day, but its easier to sack people you don’t have any relationship with. We will be in real trouble come Xmas if we carry on along this path at which point it will be a massive job to turn things around. Can our David’s detach and sack Sam now??? I somehow doubt it very much, but football never surprises.

  5. Get rid of the lot as it aint working as for Allardyce times up tactically poor only plays one dimension football which is boring he blames everyone else but himself poor signings & he’s the man for the OS ha ha ha Sunderland sacked Paolo for same thing spent big players don’t about West Ham making players earn there money & inflated egos if they lose no pay if they had normal jobs & under achieved the p45 would soon be given ok they come 10th last season this year under performing cos of BFS poor in transfer market let’s get rid before xmas & get RDM or Poyet with Julian as defence coach & a place for Paolo as striker coach then things surely must get better otherwise itl be Millwall next season getting bored of being a yoyo club now

  6. Any of them two would do if Allardyce stays we are out of the premiership not keep him till new year we will be out of the premiership as the transfer window will have closed and IF and its a BIG IF we get a new manager he will not have time to bring in anyone and have to work with what he has. Personally I cant see the 3 Amigos sacking him they are as one dimensional in there thinking (make our dosh at any cost and run) as Allardyce is in his management skills

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