Is this now the time to panic?


This is the fixture list up until the window opens. The next time I can see us remotely getting points is maybe against Villa on the 2nd Nov and that’s a BIG IF because they have pretty tasty players and are flying right now. Personally I cant see any points in October but what I do know is something has to change now, like right now or we will be propping this league up.

I don’t want anymore bollocks that the team is strong and is capable of top 10 from the club, the league position shows they fucked up in the window and they wont be able to add any quality until January but by then it might be too late. So any ideas? What can we do to change things? How can we stop this rot?

One thing for sure is Allardyce is going to have to change his formation simply to attract a decent striker to the club or we are going to have the same problem in January. Will he still be with us in January? Hugh Southon has been banging on about the directors never sacking their own managers (except Avram) but things have changed, massive investment is going to go into the new stadium and they don’t want to be in the Championship on our opening day!

It’s clear to everyone that even going down 1-0 in a match probably means curtains because of our incapability of scoring. We all knew that would be our downfall after the window shut but for some reason Allardyce thought the wing was more important because we needed a player to cross the ball to sicknote Carroll.

Another problem. Every team that has fired Allardyce has been relegated simply because of the crazy formation he drums into the players which the next manager has to clear up and the shit players he buys. They are all bought to fit into his one up front so when the next manager comes in with his ideas he faces a mammoth task in changing it all to fit his ideas.

BOLLOCKS why does this shit always happen to us!!?? Personally I think the board have to get rid of Allardyce now, it’s not going to improve it’s only going to go downhill from now because Allardyce simply doesn’t know how to turn it around, it’s clear to see by his substitutions and his tactics. Unfortunately it’s the West Ham way isn’t it….

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20 thoughts on “Is this now the time to panic?

    • Do you want everyone just to shut up and only say
      Positive things when the club is dropping like a stone? This problem needs to be dealt with and solved or we will be playing catch up to the rest of the league before we know it.

      I really can’t understand people that can put a positive spin on anything. Literally anything but come up with no solutions, Im a realist Dave I look at the events that unfold before me and say it how it is.

  1. Dave take the blinkers off you mug were shit whose to blame Allardyce if you want to keep spending your money on this dross more mug you I for 1 want the lot out worse team I’ve seen in 45 years how long you been going 5 mins you MUG

  2. Rather than arguing with each other lets be real. He wasn’t, isn’t and has never been the right man for the job. His signings have been poor, maybe diame is the only exception. He simply only has one way of playing the game and that us so dated. We need a modern manager with a modern approach to take us to Stratford and he simply isn’t it.

  3. We are fucked. We have scored in 2 out of 6 games. From those 2 games we have got 3pts. I bet every team in the league can’t wait to play us for an easy 3pts. I hate admitting it but we are fucking shit awful! Sack the manager, bring in a younger coach who is more in sync with the modern game and will sign players like Redmond instead of Downing.
    As for being negative, what the fuck have we got to be positive about? We are playing shit football, not getting results and pissing all our transfer money away by buying treatment table warmers. I remember thinking we could stave off relegation in the last two seasons we went down. I honestly believe we don’t have the resources this time. Not the manager, the players or the board. I think we will be bottom by Christmas and when G&S get the cojones to get rid of Fat Sam it will be too late. For fuck sake, why did we give Sam a new contract when Di Matteo is out of work? That cunt won the Champions League!

      • Im a hammer if we are premier or not, but that waste of f’n money @
        Andy im always hurt carroll. is problem number one. Stove his pay so there is money in January. But really guys its like all the player’s are playing shit futbol cause carroll is there. The fucker hasnt played but 7 games in 2yrs what the F! I hate to say it but Sam is not the answer. We need innovative not lackadaisical. I hate singing the bubbles song to het pumped up only knowing that im singing it for frustrarion not pride. For fuck sake Sam by by carroll by by 15m pounds for goid strikers not one hurt one. Okcdirtymob! Much love hammers from across the pond.

  4. As The Who sing why don’t you all fuck off were shit end of I got 8/1 start of season for the drop I’m taking back wot I put in over the years got fuck all to show for it nows pay back as for the jews in charge how the fuck did Hitler miss them tight cunts

  5. Would be a good time to dump fat man – we should easily be able to turn this around – with the quality we have in the squad. The players heads had dropped, even players like Noble & Reid, not noted for giving up, looked beaten & resigned to the fact, we gonna have a hard season. This was a team that think their gonna be relegated. I pick out very little positives from the last 4 or so games.

  6. Like the England side over the last few years we had a chance (when we were relegated) to start again. But a lack of bravery upstairs has got us nowhere. We could have got rid of the dross and older players and build a young side around noble, Tompkins, spence, Reid etc and bought in good young players building for the future. Sure we wouldn’t have been promoted the first season but we would now be bearing the fruits. Instead our old fashioned board appt a man who brings in Nolan, Taylor and loaned players and short term contracted players to get us back in the prem. a complete lack of foresight, poor planning and no direction has got us where we are now. The David’s have shown on the pitch that they simply have no long term idea what they are doing and appointing Sam was for me the worst managerial appt this club has ever made and that includes roeder.

  7. And to bring in youth players now so that big spam has an excuse for his ineptitude would be like throwing mice to a lion. Go now spam and take the Dave brigade with you!!!

  8. I think you are right and Nov 3rd is our best chance of points Also I think getting rid of Allardyce would be right as he don’t seem to even recognise our youth only as a sell on product… I don’t know who would be willing or available to come to the club and turn it around….I still believe that our biggest problem is the 3 amigos and as soon as they have made what they want out of our club and piss off then we can start to become a regular Premiership club and not yoyo one that our club is developing into…. At the end of the day all the managers they have bought in have been nothing but stopgaps I still think that bit by bit this club Our WEST HAM UTD is slowly being dismantled by them and until they go I see nothing good ever coming to (I would like to say Upton Park our Boleyn Ground but isn’t) West Ham and I predict that if they stay we will end up in financial trouble and no collateral as we wont have our ground as collateral only the players contracts and we will end up in some minor league Change them we will change our club

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