Why are we going so crazy about Ravel?

When it comes to potential Ravel has bags of it, it’s been a long time since we had a kid that so many have got excited about. But he isn’t the finished article in fact he is a LONG WAY from the finished article and fans need to stop putting pressure on him.

A lot of the excitement is actually to do with the squad right now, lets be honest it’s pretty poor when it comes to quality, Ravel is about the only player the can remotely be classed as a play maker. We have to thank Birmingham for doing such a fantastic job on him when they almost sent him packing.

He’s getting a few goals now but that’s helped by the fact that we don’t have a goal scorer which is going to help his progress even further, but the way some are speaking about him he is already the best thing since sliced bread and is earmarked for England BEHAVE!! I just hope that when he finally does come good he isn’t sold to the highest bidder which normally happens with West Ham.

I want to see Ravel stepping out at the new stadium when he will be the player we are all raving about.


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2 thoughts on “Why are we going so crazy about Ravel?

  1. Like it or not, the boy has arrived.

    In different circumstances he may have been shielded a bit longer but the cat’s outa the bag now, it has been an open secret for a couple years, he has bags of potential and a questionable temperament.

    Is he ready yet? is a moot question, ready or not, he is here.

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