4-4-2 The future

Well it isn’t really but it should be for us. Only had a radio link last night so obviously I didn’t see shit but when you consider we cant score in a brothel three goals in a match is pretty damn decent. Not only that we surely must of created a new record in scoring after 22secs!

No idea when Carroll will be back so surely Allardyce has to play a 4-4-2 now. I don’t give a shit if he has a squad full of midfielders, we don’t have any strikers anyway so how about this against Hull:-


Against Hull

Against Hull

We did well winning, I thought it was Everton all over again so it showed guts to hold nerve and get the winner. Could we be on a cup run? Lets hope it doesn’t turn out like the Brums though, win the cup and get relegated all in a season.

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6 thoughts on “4-4-2 The future

  1. At last talk of a new system that doesn’t need the ball lumped upto a lummox. Even with Carroll back I think he would benefit from someone to play off of him. Maybe it’s time to give Vaz a chance to play in his natural position.
    I for one have no idea why ginge gets in ahead of Tompkins. It’s lost on me???

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