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That Allardyce is the 14th highest paid manager in the world? That’s right one dimensional, inept, stubborn and arrogant but he knows how to grab a decent salary.

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  1. …………..and that pair of cunts chase a shirt wearing, one of our own, veteran, out of his job for the price of a tank of helicopter fuel.

    They fucking sicken me.

  2. It was one game. Two unstoppable free kicks and an unfair first yellow for noble. In a fair world everton lose 2-1. I thought we played well. Petric looked bright. The season is still young. We’re going to have setbacks. I have to be optimistic when I watch West Ham or I’d keel over.

      • Hey West Ham fans open your eyes when we won the play off at Wembley was that too sweeten us as we’ve not been there for 30 odd years plus a bumper bonus in the pockets of G & S who tells us more lies than Pinnochio a manager who really cudnt give a fuck about West Ham as he’s a northern cunt all he’s signings have been shit I for one can’t see how we have improved player wise this season Rat Downing & Adrian 2 frees & a 6 million wanker the teams that was around us last season have spent big money to improve ok Sunderland Norwich are struggling at the moment Fulham Palace Cardiff struggling were 15th now & with 3 tricky games coming up can’t see next point coming so G & S fuck the porn star off & let’s get a manager who will play the West Ham way or your be the 1s with egg on your face when were in the championship or even League 1 with that clown in charge Carroll + Downing + Jarvis = waste of money Diame a donkey Nolan clueless just waiting too hang up he’s jock strap I for one feel the only player worthy of the shirt is Winston Reid been a rock in a team that is piss poor & will never have legend status in my eyes so do the right thing G & S sell up take the whore Brady & the circus master Allardyce you’ve had your laugh at us now plz fuck off

      • Spunked 33Million on 3 players, any other club would be reaping the rewards because they would of bought some serious class with That kind of money. Surely they must look back and think what have we done? Wasted so much on shit which we can barely afford.

  3. Don’t know about egg on their faces, these twats will be filmed with spunk all over their boats if it made a few more sheckles

  4. Has anyone taken note of Besiktas this year? I’m abit biased because my best mate is a Turk who supports them. Bilic is manager there and so far this season 5 wins 1 loss no draws. Top of the league with 4 wins 0 losses (well they were getting beat by Galatasaray tonight) and 0 draws. The one loss came in Europe were they have been banned from anyhow. Sam out Bilic in!!

    • We had a chance to get him in and personally I think that was our only chance. He has proved himself internationally and domestically so if he wants to leave he will have a cluster of clubs after him.

      Previously playing for us wont mean a damn thing in my opinion.

      • Yeah I know I just hope that they get rid of Sam and go for somebody like Bilic. I would have liked to have seen Martinez considered too. Proved yesterday he knows what he is doing. But obviously we aren’t going to get him in at Xmas. There’s not many decent managers about who are available but I think the link with Bilic would maybe make him think twice. But I don’t believe that G&S would do anything to get him.

  5. Allardyce is useless. He never comes up with any form of tactics other than hoof it and score from set plays. Signings have been, to put it nicely, fucking shit! I agree with the earlier comment about Reid, he has been awesome, for me he should be captain. Noble puts in a good shift too. But Jarvis is all about running and crossing. When he gets caught or his crosses get cleared or are too long, his head drops and he’s a passenger for the rest of the game. Carroll cost £15m to warm the treatment table, someone should have told them you can get portable heaters at Argos for £40! Downing, I think that’s all I need to say about him. I really want to be positive, but I don’t like the direction the club is heading under G&S and Brady, or the style of football under Sam Hippo Allardyce.

  6. I Still think it is a bit early to get on high horses and carry on a crusade against the coach/ manager. The season is just beginning and many things can still happen. Let’s not forget several players are here for the transition only, like Joe Cole or Kevin Nolan. The target is still the one that was announced : stay in the premier, get rid of the debts, move to a bigger stadium, and then grow. We cannot achieve everything at the same time. There is a cycle we need to go through. Let’s not forget 2-3 years ago we were playing horrible football with a team full of junk. The junk is gone. The football is not quite what we would like it to be, but that comes with better players, just like Allardyce said at the end of last season. We haven’t got many better players, and we haven’t been able to get rid of (and replace) Taylor, Vaz Te, Henderson or Maiga. That’s what it is. Some players did not want to come to West Ham because they wanted a clearer or more defining role in the line up. Others wanted too much money. Other players did not fel West Ham is at the right level for their ambitions. Now, thue that other teams have spent huge amounts of monies to buy players, but they are not doing much better than West Ham. See Sunderland, Norwich, Stoke, for instance. Fans at Southampton are complaining, despite the money spent and the qualities of Pocchetino. So let’s keep things in perspective.

    We have to continue hoping that hard work will pay off. And we cannot have such a nefarious refereeing week after week after week, although it is true there is a serious deficit and problem at the refereeing level in England, with a crying lack of good judgement and consistency. That was again crystal clear against Everton. Blame Noble as much as you want, that was not a foul (got the ball), and even less a sent off. Any fair ref would have said “be careful, don’t do another one like this or I’ll send you home”. But no, it is more satisfying to be hot handed and show you have personality, you are the boss, you can change the course of a match. Many refs in England are a calamity. Yesterday’s was one of them.

    I will finish by saying we have hope. The back four is good, and Tomkins is to me an excelent player. Jaskelainen is even better this year than last year, and has great backup. Taylor will be transferred to a championship team in january. Nolan will eventually end up on the bench. He cannot go 90 minutes, that is now a certainty. Morrison has that “something special”. You can feel and see there is something going on every time he touches the ball. There is a sensation that player can do magic and change things on his own. With time… Also, Lee will end up blossoming. I am sure about that. Only saw him playing against Espanyol and he made immediate impact. He will break through.

    My two pence, nothing more….

    • I wish I could be as positive as you. If you watch slow-mo replay Noble actually didn’t get the ball but to the eye it looked like he did so as far as I’m concerned the ref made a mistake because by looking it looked like he touched the ball so he sent a player off on a 50/50.

  7. Which brings me back to the level of refereeing in England. Just watch how it goes in Spain, or Germany, or even in Italy. They complain about refs (human nature to blame someone else), but at least they don’t pull out silly yellows for nothing. You have a serious problem in England with these “gentlemen”, and one of them is that nobody in the clubs may criticize them. Look at what happened to Holloway for telling the truth after the first day of the season. These people are pros, as such are expected to deliver, and when they don’t, they have to be exposed to criticism and sent back to school or placed in a fridge for some time until they realize they are out of sync. Just like managers are punished for saying out loud what everyone else sees.

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