View from the opposition…..

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“West Ham are one of the most cynical teams of dirty cheats in the division and considering how huge some of their players are, it really is amazing how little it takes to have them rolling around on the ground feigning a career-threatening injury. Thankfully the ref wasn’t always fooled by them, but they had at least a couple of brutal tackles on our players that appeared to be worthy of red cards. So a great result for Cynical Sam and his team of cheating, hoofing thugs, with three key players absent, but two points dropped by us with supposedly our strongest team available and increasingy a worry.”
Wes Tender

“We played the better football by far and played some great stuff in spells. We lack a cutting edge but I am not sure why, as we have a great forward line. West Ham are very good defensively but we could and should have won that game 3 or 4 -0”
Dr Who?

“The first half was utter dross. The second half we were quicker out of the blocks and we caused them all sorts of problems. On another day that header misses the post and goes in, and on another day the goal-bound shot doesn’t get cleared off the line. But West Ham United came to kill the game and potentially nick a scrap if they could, that was their game plan. They are utter, utter, utter dross, but what they do works. To be honest, it was a game of two mid-table, nothing teams. Not pretty viewing whatsoever on the whole.”

“Once again a team came to St Mary’s for a point and got it. It’s still early days but the lack of goals is worrying. However on another day those chances go in and we win 4-0. A very frustrating start to the season.”

“A very poor game from us – we had enough chances to win. What happened to our pressing game? It seems West Ham were much better than us at it – they closed us down early, so we resorted to the long ball far too often and are simply no good at it. Credit where it is due, in defence West Ham were very good. They packed the midfield and pressured our full backs from playing their natural game; as much as I hate to admit it, it was tactically very good on BFS’s part.”

“Same old Saints, can’t beat teams that don’t want to beat us. Are we now that much of a bigger club than West Ham that they don’t think they have the ability to win against us? Ironic that Collins should put their only chance about 60 feet over the bar. Complete anti-football team and I really hope fat Sam falls flat on his backside and takes them down.”

“Fact is we should have beaten them today. They had key players out up front and came to spoil things. They did their job superbly whilst not really threatening. Job done by West Ham; the ‘keeper had a blinder and got them the three points – credit where it’s due. To call what West Ham did today anti-football is derogatory. Saints were unlucky and lackluster in equal measure. We’ll beat better teams than West Ham this season and lose to worst ones. Instead of blaming individuals I am looking forward to Pochettino solving the issue of how best to set his team up to beat teams that play like West Ham did today.”

“£35million spent… and we’re going backwards. That game was crying out for pace – especially towards the end when West Ham were getting tired/cramp. But sadly, we don’t have Puncheon on the bench anymore. Got to win your home games they say. And that’s very true – especially against the likes of Sunderland and West Ham. But we haven’t. Pochettino needs this week to find himself a game plan for Anfield.”

“Jaaskelainen was awesome, West Ham were absolute dog sh*te – and so were we.”

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