Lawro predicts….

2-1 Southampton the CAAAAAAaaaaaaaant!


Like Lawro said what a difference a year makes, just about everyone is predicting a Saints win but this is West Ham and you just know when the odds are heavily stacked we spring a surprise or two.

I cant honestly see us winning but I can see us coming away with a 0-0 or a 1-1. But I think this is literally the first ever time I have agreed with the cunt. Fans and experts all agree Allardyce has made a monumental fuck up this season.

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8 thoughts on “Lawro predicts….

  1. Yeah, just need one in at spurs now. Southampton play the kind if football I would love us to play, however until big spam is gone it ain’t gonna happen. A game of two contrasts on paper. Be interesting

  2. Sam’s style of football is ok for the likes of Bolton & Blackburn not for West Ham esp when we have had great players in the past that played football on the floor & the likes of Devo who used to go past defenders like a knife thru butter this lot cudnt win a lottery if they were the only entrants a once great club who use to give any club a game now other clubs look at us as easy pickings. Too many championship players can’t see how we have improved & last year’s 10th place was a fluke now them clubs have improved there squads I can only see a dogfight for the hammers Jarvis not worth 11 mill Carroll & Downing both waste of money then look at the over 30s in squad we have gonna be a lot of revamp next 2 years but how will that happen with the 2 chairmen or should I say short arms & deep pockets in control. Look at it logically we went down had full houses at home against some poor clubs went to Wembley came back up most of our games were sell outs last year then were told we aint got no money same old record that as been stuck for many years as for the debt its boring now in 3yrs they move can’t see OS being sold out like the Boleyn as West Ham fans are sick & tired of being fobbed off with lies plus its not a working mans sport anymore esp with the increase in tkts when were watching a championship squad as for the likes of Adrian & Rat didn’t cost a penny so can’t see how we’ve improved we want to be entertained but not with this dross

    • Rick, by design, final placings in any league system are representative of points earned over the season, a fluke result or two may account for a plus or minus tolerance of a couple of places at best. The issue is the way those points come about, there was maybe three games at the Boleyn last year that was anywhere close to being worth the £40+ it cost to watch.

      The problem with a lot of the younger generation of fans is that they are result driven and see prem survival as all that matters regardless of how that’s achieved.

      I’m happy Sirs Ron and John are not around to see what has become of the club they made great.

      • With Sir Ron & John & the maestro Sir Bobby Moore must be having nightmares looking down seeing that dross I agree there wasn’t much to be entertained at home last year & can only see a struggle this I hope I’m wrong & that things change ie away form but won’t hold my breath matey

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