So can we have our money back please?

So those wankers up north have made a pretty tidy sum out of us over the last few years. God knows what they have done with it because it certainly hasn’t been thrown back into their squad.

One can only imagine shitfaceMcCabe has pocketed nearly all of our 25 Million quid we have given them for playing better over a season then they did. Today news has broken that Sheff Utd have news owners from the dusty oil fields of Saudi Arabia and are now rolling in it!

Can I just post a picture below…

Notice what it says? Fair play? Ok well currently we cant put two farthings together to get ourselves a striker and one of those reasons is because we have just paid them 10 Million quid! So I for one would like to see that fucking money that we paid those Northern Monkeys and I’m not talking 10 Million I’M TALKING ABOUT THE WHOLE 25 MILLION put straight back into our back account please! OH and while they are at it they can pay us interest along with it.


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4 thoughts on “So can we have our money back please?

  1. Am I the only Hammer who hates them more than Millwall? I can’t stand them or that whinging Warnock. I won’t even listen to Talkshite in the mornings cos he’s on it.
    Come on you Irons

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